Paul Roos not Interested in Coaching Collingwood Magpies

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Former Sydney Swans and Melbourne Demons Coach Paul Roos has unequivocally squelched rumours that he was in any way, shape or form interested in coaching the Collingwood Magpies.

Good call, Mr. Roos. The one and only AFL job you should consider is coach of the North Melbourne Kangaroos. Our interest in seeing that possibility come to fruition is, we admit, entirely self-centred.

We think it would be endlessly entertaining to write sentences containing phrases such as Roos Coach Roos, as in, “Roos Coach Roos says secret to Roos success has been Roos Coach Roos’ focus on Roos midfield.”

It is not every day that that sort of opportunity comes along for those of us who make a living as sports journos, unless you want to include our comment about Winx grabbing a nap that went, “Winx grabs 40 winks before defending Cox Plate title.”

Former Coach Roos told the Herald Sun, “If I was asked to coach Collingwood, I would not coach Collingwood.”

Roos did go so far as to say he would be willing to act in a consulting role in the Magpies’ situation. The time has come to decide the fate of current Pies Coach Nathan Buckley, whose six years on the job has left little in the way of encouragement for Pies supporters. Twelve losses this season with one game remaining, thirteen losses in 2016 and just one finals win in 2012 are not the sort of statistics that tend to lead to longevity in the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world of professional sports.

Roos is the target for more than one AFL club, but mainly as an advisor supplying guidance on coaching appointments. He seems supportive of Buckley, indicating that there is no need for the Pies to rush a decision.

From our distant perspective, firing underachieving players is the better way to develop a winning side, but it simply does not make economic sense.