Persistent Peruvian Guerrero Throws Himself on Mercy of Swiss Court

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Peru Captain Paolo Guerrero does not intend to go quietly into that good night and has launched another attempt to get reinstated in time to play 2018 FIFA World Cup football.

It could be described as a last-ditch attempt, even if we cannot recall an incident where somewhere described prior attempts as “first ditch” or “second ditch.” So far as we know, every time “ditch” is mentioned with regard to attempts, it is always accompanied by “last.” You would thing that “shallow,” “deep,” or at the very least, “final” would enter into the lexicon, but “last” it always is.

Guerrero has taken his argument to a Swiss court in his quest to overturn his drug ban and he has the backing of the Peruvian Football Federation, although what weight that adds to Guerrero’s appeal is hard to quantify precisely.

“We did it with the hope of seeing Paolo at the World Cup, that reflects the feeling of the FPF and the whole country,” the federation’s president Edwin Oviedo in a statement released in Lima.

The Swiss court is the only body with the power to amend or cancel the suspension, but it must be pointed out that Guerrero was successful in having the original ban reduced from 12 months to six months and would have been eligible to play WC football had he not gotten greedy at the wrong time and attempted to have his honour restored completely.

If it is true that Guerrero inadvertently drank tea tainted with cocaine, it would appear on the surface that it is okay to hide millions of dollars of income from the tax man with premeditation and intent, but taking a cup of tea containing a performance-detracting substance is viewed with much greater jaundice.

Guerrero is also suspended by his Flamengo club and he could be out until January of 2019. That suspension could remain in effect even if Guerrero finds a sympathetic ear or two in the Swiss court.