Plenty of Good Seats Still Available for McGregor | Mayweather Fight

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With just under a fortnight remaining before the much-ballyhooed Conor McGregor – Floy Mayweather fight, an awkward reality is setting in for the promoters.

Many seats for the bout at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas have gone begging. That reality is not hard to appreciate, considering that bad seats are priced at $US 15,000, seats that are so far from ringside that good binos will be required.

Most of the fans that will be taking in the fight are the younger set, those that are there to see McGregor, some of whom were not even born when Mayweather got his beginnings in professional boxing.

Those fans do not have the outrageous amounts of money it will cost to attend live, although they might be willing to part with the $US99.95 for a pay-per-view ticket.

Promoters will do everything they can to prevent camera shots of the fight panning over empty seats and if ticket sales do not pick up soon, expect to see the stands filled with those attending on complimentary or bargain-basement rates.

This fact has not been lost on Mayweather. In an interview on the All Access Show, he was heard to say, “That’s what makes this fight so entertaining, I’m not the Mayweather of the past.”

The whole affair is beginning to emanate with a reality show odor that is hard to ignore. McGregor is doing his best to gin up interest in the fight, who has been showing up for media tour events dressed in fur coats that he claims are made out of Polar Bears, although he has stopped short of claiming that he killed the bears bare-handed, unless said bears are prone to death from being assaulted with a seemingly endless stream of profanities.

Some Aussie bookmakers currently have the fight priced at $1.22 for Mayweather, $4.25 for McGregor.