Ronda Rousey Seems to be Losing Heart for MMA Profession

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One of the UFC’s marquee stars, Ronda Rousey, shocked the mixed martial arts world with the announcement that she is not far removed from calling time on her time in the ring.

She divulged the news in an interview with TV host Ellen DeGeneres that will air Thursday.

She is scheduled to meet Amada Nunes in UFC 207 at the end of December after not having been inside the octagon in more than a year’s time.

Rousey seems to be wearing down from the physical preparation and the jitters. She claims that she is experiencing a difficult time with mental exhaustion and pressure in the weeks and days leading up to a fight. She mentions that waiting for a match is worse than the actual event in her mind.

Most athletes, being the fierce competitors that they are, and Rousey certainly fits that category, are reluctant to admit that pressure affects them in any way, but she is a rare exception in that this is not the first time she has opened up about her pre-fight struggles.

She was on DeGeneres’ show after her loss to Holly Holm in Melbourne in November of 2015, where she admitted to feeling suicidal after the fight.

Head injuries, and concussions, along with depression, are serious consequences for someone in Rousey’s line of work and she has direct personal experience with mental issues. Her father committed suicide when she was young.