Round 14 of 2018 AFL Competition makes us Happy for Soccer

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We thought the pickings were slim in Round 13 of the Toyota 2018 Premiership competition, until we had a look at Round 14 upcoming.

One third of the league will sit idle for Round 14.

Only five top-eight clubs will see action this weekend coming.

The West Coast Eagles will play host to the Essendon Bombers and the Essendon side’s name this season seems to describe the reception of a rank amateur’s first appearance at open-mic night at the local comedy club.

The Hawthorn Hawks are playing the Gold Coast Suns in Tasmania and if neither side were to not come back, would anyone notice?

The Brisbane Lions are hosting the Greater Western Sydney Giants in Brisbane, to which we feel compelled to quote the immortal Fred Flintstone and say, “Yabba Gabba Goo.”

The Western Bulldogs and the North Melbourne Kangaroos will get together at Etihad Stadium. Eight versus 14. Yawn.

Collingwood Magpies versus Carlton Blues at MCG. Two and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie sounds more appealing and Carlton supporters may be singing a song requesting some wrong doin’ woman bring them their blue suede shoes, the meanest blues of them all.

The only game worth the electricity to watch will be Port Adelaide Power hosting the Melbourne Demons at Adelaide Oval provided some of the electricity comes from renewable sources and does not count toward the regular utility bill.

Melbourne stumbled in Round 12, a 42-point loss at the hands of the Collingwood Magpies. Port beat the Western Bulldogs, but so far this season, only eight other clubs can make that boast.

Consider it the lull before the storm if you would like. After this fixture, everybody has to play until the end. The top four seem pretty solid, but four clubs in the top eight are tied on 32 premiership points and numbers eight and nine, North Melbourne and Hawthorn, need only a win or two, combined with a loss by one of the four above them, to rattle the ladder and rearrange the rungs.