Rugby Players And Social Media

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Federal police are issuing warnings to Super Rugby about the perils of using social media.

The RUPA requested assistance from cyber security experts in the hopes of raising awareness after numerous incidents where well-known players such as Quade Cooper have been forced to apologise for letting Twitter trolls goad them into expletive laden replies.

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Such seemingly nondescript incidents as Swans recruit Tyrone Leonardis “liking” Facebook pages uncomplimentary to Adam Goodes, or photos depicting NRL Tigers player Curtis Sironen unfavourably on Twitter are just a few of the topics of training recruits are receiving.

The ubiquitous nature of social media and its potential for damaging the reputations of players and the league is something that could not have been anticipated when seemingly innocuous ways to stay in touch such as Twitter, Facebook and others became commonplace.

One of the chief threats to which players are exposed is the limelight to which they are subjected that thanks to social media, extends far beyond print and electronic journalism. Comments and photos that at one time became obscure pieces of history in the past now live on forever. Making young players in development programs aware of the risks and obligations of fame as it applies to social media is the goal of the RUPA orientation program.