Russia Supplies Thrilling 2018 FIFA World Cup Tournament

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True, the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament was one of the better ones, but to suggest that Qatar has any say in whether or not the 2022 World Cup is equally compelling is mildly ludicrous.

All the country can do is supply the facilities. The quality of the play or the storylines cannot be written in advance.

If this were the case, we would have to say that Russia disappointed by depriving the match more than a few wanted: a final between France and England.

Russia disappointed because its side failed to make it through to the final.

Russia disappointed because there will be no babies with Argentine lineage born in April of 2019.

It is doubtful the French care whether or not the Russia tournament was good or not. They are just happy to emerge victorious after escaping the scare in their first match against the Socceroos.

Yes, FIFA 2018 was a great event. There was the unpredictability that saw the pre-tournament favourites and defending champions Germany sent off during the Group stage.

Upsets continued to be the norm, with Argentina, Spain and Brazil failing to live up to pre-tournament expectations.

Only France, with over $1 billion of value on its squad, failed to succumb to any would-be giant killers.

The early departures of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi may have disappointed the star-struck, but Ronaldo, at least stayed in the spotlight a bit longer by announcing that he would bolt Real Madrid to join Juventus in Italy.

There were many moments of glory, but the final provided the sort of shame that leaves a permanent stain.

The first was when Mario Mandzukic became the first player ever to score an own goal in a World Cup final. That was unfortunate, but it came off a set piece and the ball barely glanced off his head to catch Croatia goalkeeper Subasic off balance.

The next was when French goalkeeper Lloris got a little too nonchalant with a clearance, allowing Mandzukic to pick his pocket and chip home an easy goal.