Season from Hell Over for Adelaide but Flames Continue to Rage

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It seems as though everyone wants to have a crack at the Crows, who have yet to officially declare the Toyota 2018 AFL Premiership completion a lost season, but perhaps there are some who have yet to weigh in.

Plunging from the Grand Final in 2017 to 12th on this year’s ladder tends to bring out the critics.

The most recent to lend his voice to the chorus of sour caws is Brian Taylor, who questioned the leadership of Adelaide Captain Taylor Walker.

The only way we could have enjoyed that last sentence more would be if Brian Taylor’s first name were Walker.

It may be time to put the hamstring issues that hampered the Crows and prevented them from fielding their best side for most of the season and it may be time to try to forget the Collective Minds scenario, but it is hard to ignore the growing list of defections that make fielding a winning side in South Australia nearly impossible.

The list of recent players to bolt the Crows could for a deep leadership group for many AFL clubs. That list includes Patrick Dangerfield, Phil Davis, Charlie Cameron, Jake Lever and Kurt Tippett.

If the AFL could have taken those players and forced them to play at Brisbane or Carlton, this year’s ladder would have had a distinctly different look.

When Lever departed last year for Melbourne, it did not sit well with Walker. Now, he has to deal with the almost certain departure of Mitch McGovern.

As captain, Walker has to remain on the ship until the last of the passengers and crew have safely gotten off, but he may not be far from the lifeboats himself.

The one name we have yet to see on the departure manifest is that of Coach Don Pyke. The sort of turnaround Adelaide has seen this year is the sort that sees coaches become expendable with extreme prejudice, but we have yet to see one single piece of news or information to suggest that he is vulnerable.

Then again, it is a long, long time from August to the start of the 2019 season.