In-Season Player Negotiations/Signings Make NRL Laughing Stock

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Although we may be accused of flogging a dead horse, being birds of a single note, or some other less complimentary phrase, we will once again mention the lunacy we perceive in player negotiations taking place in the middle of the season.

We are, of course, talking about the 2017 Telstra NRL Premiership competition, where a part of the daily conversation is which player is going where for 2018, unless they can receive a more immediate release.

It is one thing for contract negotiations during the season in an attempt by a player to secure a future in professional sports occupations that are notoriously subject to early termination by some cause, or for teams to offer extensions in the hopes of retaining a rising star or prime contributor, but were we ourselves the members of an NRL team, we would dread the prospect of expending effort alongside a player going through the motions.

It is entirely another thing for players and team management consorts to openly engage in wooing each other during visits to each other’s venues.

How would you like to pay Kieran Foran’s travel expenses in order to permit him to be wined and dined when the Warriors travel to Melbourne to play the Storm, despite the fact that Melbourne has recently declared their interest in Foran expired?

Foran has requested a meeting with Craig Bellamy to explore a revival of Foran’s desire to escape the Warriors.