Security At MCG On High Alert For Cricket

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Security concerns in the aftermath of recent terrorist activity around the world, including the incident in Paris where a stadium was targeted, have prompted the decision to build a security fence at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The installation should be complete in time for the Boxing Day Test.

It is not yet clear if this will be a perimeter fence to surround the entire stadium, which could potentially block views for spectators. Officials of MCC naturally did not divulge too many details pending a meeting and press conference with the Victoria Police to discuss the changes. Also unclear is how the new structure will affect the car park for the MCG in Yarra Park.

Tightened security measure have been in place for some time both inside and outside the ground, as anyone who attended the Boxing Day Test in 2014 or the Cricket World Cup earlier this year.

One of the new measures has been a test to allow pedestrians to leave ahead of any cars. If this works out, in the future cars will be kept at the ground for 20 minutes until pedestrian traffic can clear.

Whether the policy of randomly checking fans with metal detector wands will be expanded to everyone remains to be seen. Sports fans should plan to arrive early in order to deal with lines generated by bag searches.