Several GWS Players get AFL Equivalent of Pensions

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Maybe the AFL should send the entire GWS operation for a stint with the VFL after that stinker of a Grand Final they produced.

The league wants to speed up the game, though, not shift clubs around and toward that objective, they are said to be looking at the Toyota 2020 AFL Premiership competition with a scheme to reduce the breaks between first and third quarters from 10 to five minutes and halftime intervals from 20 down to 15.

That will not speed up the actual pace of play, but it will represent a savings of 15 minutes for viewers and spectators.

Broadcasters have voiced concerns that the 20-minute halftimes cost them 20 percent of the viewing audience.

Returning to GWS, they are lavishing long-term contracts on key players.

Lachie Whitfield is on a new seven-year deal, joining Josh Kelly and Stephen Coniglio as a trio willing to commit long-term to the Giants.

Cameron was the recent Coleman Medalist and his career figure of a 2.61 goals per game average is not the sort you want out talking to rival clubs.

They offered the deal to Cameron back in November. He is 26, so he might reasonably be designated as a Giant for Life.

GWS football manager Jason McCartney says the club made the decision to leave the contract discussion until after the season, something that Cameron, or anyone else for that matter would appreciate. By the same token, they did not let Cameron dangle in the wind by getting his deal done well before March 2020.

Whitfield mentioned that the Melbourne clubs expressed interest in both Cameron and Williams as an impetus to moving the contracts ahead.

McCartney was promoted from list manager to general manager and he was in accord with the Giants’ policy of locking down key players with long-term deals.

“I think the biggest thing for us is that we work by the mantra that we’re a club like no other. We do things a bit differently,” McCartney told reporters.