Shaun Johnson Joins Athlete Cross Marketing Trend

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Realising that the window for earnings for a professional athlete is both short in duration and on top of that, uncertain, cross marketing is becoming the new norm.

Kiwi International Shaun Johnson, taking a page from the playbook of Greg Inglis, has launched a clothing line in hopes of capitalising on his name and reputation as a player.

Unlike Hayne, however, whose line attempted to focus on the colours of the San Francisco 49ers, Johnson has chosen to concentrate not on athletic apparel, but on normal day-to-day clothing items.

Johnson will offer singlets, T-shirts, dress shirts and other such in a wider range of colours that includes various shades of grey, blue and green. Pricey, too, ranging from $50 to $120, meaning that entry into the Johnson Emulator Society will not come without a steep initiation fee.

In another nod to the modern sensibility where social media sites offer a launch platform that targets fans both economically and directly, Johnson promotes his togs on Facebook.

The items can be purchased in several Australian and New Zealand clothing stores, such as Culture Kings and Johnson’s “official,” as opposed to any unofficial, website.

Johnson plans to use any revenues generated to purchase razors with which to clean up his image, or perhaps to more professionally cultivate his stubble, or to purchase additional tattoos, or tattoo removal.