Sizzling Hot Leishman Enters Final Round of BMW with Five Shot Lead

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The big news in the world of men’s professional gold today is whether or not a five-shot lead is adequate to prevent Marc Leishman from experiencing in this week’s BMW Championship, the third leg of the FedEx Cup Championship finals, from experiencing the same sort of back-nine meltdown that cost him the Dell TechnologiesChampionship a fortnight ago.

The Yanks love the Aussie golfer, as they love any and everything Australian, ever since Paul Hogan turned Crocodile Dundee into a household name and franchise and made it popular to say, “G’day, mate.”

Actually, we may have to fire up the old time machine and go back to 1986 to determine if Mick actually used the phrase at any time during the movie, since our last remaining videocassette recorder went to the great electronic recycling bin in the sky sometime in the mid-90s.

Pardon that digression, but we are feeling flush after a satisfying brekkie of bangers and mash and so sought to inject a small degree of levity into the sometimes-placid world of professional golf.

Leishman will be in the final pairing today in Chicago, in the tournament once known as the Western Open, playing just behind compatriot Jason Day, who, despite having an un-him like him during the third round, is tied-second with Rickie Fowler nonetheless. You can be sure that shouts of “Go Aussie” will be heard throughout the day. Another reason, it would seem, to rerun the movie, although our memory tells us that “Go Aussie” was never uttered during the film.

Leishman has surged to the head of the Aussie golf class this season and he earned even more fans when he blew up on the back nine during the Dell Technology and shot a 40 to back his 30 on the opening nine, but did not afterwards sulk and blame the explosion on someone or anything else.

Leishman sits at -19, so Fowler and Day will have to be perfect, or this weekend, Leishman will stroll the final holes with his driver in the bag.