Snubbed NBA Players not Supportive of Butler Sitting out All Star Game

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The NBA All Star game is not the ridiculous exhibition that is the NFL’s Pro Bowl, but it is inching closer all the time.

Yesterday’s prancing and preening display was about what has come to be expected, from the hilarious opening rendition of the National Anthem by “singer” Fergie to the antics of Minnesota Timberwolves’ star Jimmy Butler, who suited up for the team selected by Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, who played not a single second, claiming that he needed to rest.

“Just rest, man,” Butler told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “I got to rest. I got to rest my body up. I know this Timberwolves season is very, very important to me. I’ve got to be ready to roll when I get back there.”

For the record, the team selected by LeBron James won the game by the score of 148 – 145, making it logical to think that Carmelo Anthony was in charge of defense for both sides.

In Minnesota, Butler leads the team in minutes played at 37.3 per game and the Timberwolves are in a tight race for a position in the playoffs of the Western Conference, but some of the players snubbed for inclusion in the exhibition of tattoos did not approve of Butler’s sitting on the bench for the entire game.

Butler may have been exhausted from flashing his diamond-studded ears around the Los Angles nightclubs, but his coach, Mike D’Antoni, backed up Butler’s story, even if Butler did not have a note from his mother.

“He was tired and he just felt like his legs weren’t there,” D’Antoni said. “He didn’t practice [Saturday] or play [Sunday, US time]. You have to respect that. He plays hard. Sometimes your body just needs a rest.”

We wonder how our boss would feel if we told him that our fingers were not there and that we needed a rest from typing, but he would probably be quick to point out that he could easily find replacement fingers if necessary.