Soccero Fan Skipping FIFA 2018 for Safety Reasons

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It seems as though we cannot get enough 2018 FIFA World Cup news.


We are today reduced to reporting that gay football fans have been warned agasint holding hands in Russia out of a concern for their safety.

Socceroos fan Joseph Roppolo is out. He has gone to three previous World Cup tournaments, but he will not be in Russia during the month of June.

Now, a dedicated soccer fan might think that taking in the biggest sporting event in the world might be enough to give up holding hands with a same-sex partner for a month, but Roppolo is not of that mind.

“I think the biggest fear is around just not being able to be my authentic self,” he said. “It takes a lot of resilience to get to the point where you (come out), and then to be told that you’re going to a country where you’re encouraged not to hold your partner’s hand is actually a little bit demeaning.”

It makes us wonder if the egalitarian Argentineans included a guide for their players with tips on how to score with attractive Russian men, but in a world gone wild over political correctness, someone might take umbrage at our suggestion.

Roppolo is a player for the Sydney Rangers FC, a gay men’s football club, but the very idea smacks of the same sort of discrimination about which some groups can be very vocal and militant.

Roppolo might also be staying home as a form of protest over the Russian government’s view of alternative relationships.

“A country which has laws and vilifies its LGBT community is not the best example of a nation who should be celebrating this global sporting event,” he said.

Roppolo has attended the FIFA World Cup tournaments in Brazil in 2014, in that bastion of freedom, South Africa, in 2010, and Germany in 2006.

He may want to skip Qatar in 2022, as the LGBT is worse than vilified.