St. Kilda Saints Make Progress in 2016 AFL Season

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With enough wooden spoons to initiate a well-stocked building materials store, the St. Kilda Saints have gone the only direction possible: up.

They are, per usual, in a development phase and 2016 has had its share of humbling defeats, but supporters have also seen some sensational victories. Mid-way through the 2016 AFL season, the Saints are still in the process of identify the best side possible. Coach Alan Richardson has rotated his small forwards, enjoying the luxury of having a look at players who have yet to earn true bona fides at the senior level, but are too good to languish below the top level.

St. Kilda’s biggest shortcoming is on the defensive side of the ball, where at times opponents have seemingly scored at will.

No one was expecting the Saints to be contenders for the finals, but after 12 games, they are 12th on the ladder with five wins against seven defeats. They have their bye week in Round 13, a good opportunity to seek the consistency they have lacked at points this season, but then they face a tough test against Geelong in Round 14 before matching up against Gold Coast the following week.

Their remaining schedule is a mixed bag, with some top teams and some lesser ones, but at the moment, they trail the number eight team by just two victories and eight points.