Stingy Crows Could Coast to Finals Easily

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A four-match unbeaten run has transformed the Adelaide Crows into the darlings of the AFL. They currently reside at number eight on the ladder, securely ahead of their crosstown rivals Port and trailing number seven West Coast by one percentage point.

The Crows have only three games remaining against top-eight teams and the current rankings suggest that they are evenly matched against number seven West Coast.

We do not wish to place the jinx of our seldom-accurate predictions on them, but it is not too difficult to project them to win 14 to 16 games this season and if they could pull off an upset or manage close games with North and Geelong, they could have both momentum and confidence going into the finals.

Credit for the Crows’ resurgence goes to Coach Don Pyke, who has switched the focus to defense and gained the support of his players for the minor adjustments he made to the team’s scheme. Of the games played to this point in the season, only North, Swans, Hawk and the Bulldogs have put up more than 100 points against the Crows.

The Crows have been successful by greatly reducing the inside 50s, holding their last five opponents below 35 for the games.