Suspense of NFL Chargers Move to LA Builds

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Much to the chagrin of various NFL on hangers, namely scribes, self-proclaimed experts and commentators who universally lamented the potential loss of the California city of San Diego as one of their destinations, it would seem as though the San Diego Chargers will go through with relocating to Los Angeles for the 2017 NFL season.

One or more of the news hounds called team chairman Dean Spanos at his home for confirmation, but little surprise was expressed over Spanos’ failure to immediately return a message left on his voice mail.

There are all manner of sources weighing in on the condition of anonymity, but all that is known for certain at this juncture is that the original deadline for the Chargers to abandon San Diego for Los Angeles has passed, and then extended for another two days.

Nothing like a good case of suspense over nothing to fuel the fires of speculation, but it is possible to envision three NFL teams playing in the same new stadium being built in LA, making it the American version of the MCG.

If the Chargers demur on the offer to play their home games in the new stadium being built in the LA suburb of Inglewood, the Oakland Raiders could receive an offer to play there.

Assuming the Chargers did accept the offer, the question that begs to be asked is which side would be the hosts and which the tourist in a game betwixt the Chargers and the LA Rams.