Swiss Cheese Keepers Allowing A-League Goals at Alarming Rate

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Scoring is up in the A-League, which might make some happy, even if some football purists live for those nil-nil draws, or enjoying watching their side score in the fifth minute, and then defend for the rest of the match.

There was a surprise outburst of A-League scoring recently and Adelaide United fans who headed for the exits at Hindmarsh Stadium when seeing United get behind Brisbane by three goals missed the entertainment of seeing Adelaide rise from the dead to win 4 – 3.

It was as though Brisbane, taking a book from ice hockey, pulled their goalie without bothering to find out that the tactic is only used in desperation when your team is on the losing end in the waning moments of a game.

There is perhaps no better rush of adrenaline for sports spectators than to see their sideshow signs of life, climb back into a contest, get into a draw position, and then score a decider for a win.

The current A-League season has reached 250 goals faster than any season previous. It was not completely as though defense has started the offseason early. The Adelaide – Brisbane game was the 83rd of the fixture and in years recent, 250 goals have been achieved in 84 games, 85 and 86 games.

The fans show up or watch in hopes of seeing goals, in the same manner baseball fans would rather see a homerun slugfest than watch an extra-innings pitchers’ duel.

The Adelaide – Brisbane game was rife with scoring opportunities. Both teams were reduced by red cards. Much of the game was 10 versus nine. The extra space on the pitch opens up the scoring.

Brisbane has developed an unfortunate tendency to let in late goals, and along with West Coast and Sydney, a collective 118 goals have contributed to a league-average of 3.05 goals per game this season, the second highest in A-League history.