Sydney’s Whittaker Loathe To Accept Advice Of UFC’s Dana White

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Adamant that he deserves a UFC title shot he may be, but that carries little weight with UFC boss Dana White, who is telling Robert Whittaker that he still has dues to pay, in the form of what Whittaker calls “filler fights” before Whittaker can seek a title match against England’s Michael Bisping.

Whittaker arose into the title picture with a KO victory over Brazilian Ronaldo Souza in Kansas City and Bisping admits that Sydney’s Whittaker is a contender.

As the prime honcho, however, White has the ultimate say, except perhaps where Conor McGregor is concerned, who seemingly utters every last word every time, on who fights whom.

White is advising Whittaker to keep fighting the best contenders in the middleweight division, as opposed to sitting by the side and waiting for the big bout.

Whittaker does not seem well disposed to accept White’s advice, however, and is expressing a preference to hold out for a shot at the title.

Whittaker has not lost since he was beaten by top contender Yoel Romero, who subsequently tested positive for illicit substances afterward, so it is logical that Whittaker would shun another fight with Romero, but he may have to go through Luke Rockhold, the former champ in the division, to reinforce his status with White.