Taj Burrow Shark Bait No More as 20-Year Pro Surfing Vet Waves Goodbye to Sport

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Australian surfing legend Taj Burrow has returned to Perth after retiring from the professional surfing circuit. He was seen at the airport, hopping up and down on one foot and banging the side of his head with the palm of his hand in an attempt to dislodge almost 20 years’ worth of salt water from his ears.

The Fiji Pros was his last competition and he expressed no regrets at the decision to hang up his board. Old by competitive surfing standards, the 38-year-old does not intend an attempt on the Australian Rio Olympics Sevens rugby squad.

Burrow said that becoming a first time father late in 2015 was a major impetus in his decision and hopefully, the tyke has progressed to point where Burrow will not be inclined to get back on his board in order to get some sleep.

He plans to return to Yallingup, calling it his favourite place in the world, to spend time with his nascent family.

Burrow will be serving as an ambassador for Shark Mitigation Systems, a Perth-based company that arisen due to the increase in shark sightings and attacks over the past several years.

The week prior to the Fiji Pro, Burrow and some mates went on a boat trip where excess consumption of Indonesian beer caused a mildly embarrassing incident involving less-than-flattering haircuts for the entire contingent of boat passengers.