Tigers and Pies Difficult to Tip for 2017

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The Richmond Tigers and the Collingwood Magpies, always enigmatic, still represent a large question mark in the minds of footy fans that follow the game of attended the game Thursday past to the MCG.

The sun is shining on the Tigers for the moment, a 19-point win getting them off to a 2 – 0 start for the first time in almost 20 years.

The win against the Blues was hardly a work of art, however, and it required every gram of persistence to prevail after a first half that could be described as the sensation someone susceptible to vertigo feels when staring over the edge of a precipice.

The Tigers committed 47 turnovers, in the first quarter alone, and those were mostly of their own miscues.

For the Blues, the aftermath was one of regret, as they had the Tigers caged, only to allow them to escape, mainly on their inability to contain Tigers’ Captain Trent Cotchin, who had 26 possessions, kicked two majors and stopped the Blues dead in their tracks in the final quarter, laying two crucial tackles.

For Nathan Buckley’s Blues, they definitely have a case of them to start the 2017 Toyota AFL Premiership. This marks the 12th consecutive season they have lost their first two, which hardly augurs well for any finals aspirations they might be entertaining.