Tim Tebow Wants to Jump Codes from NFL to MLB

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The U.S. version of code hopping Jarryd Hayne, an ex-college standout, NFL washout quarterback named Tim Tebow, is hopping from the NFL, where he was basically a complete afterthought with no prospects of employment, to Major League Baseball.

His throwing skills when he was playing with the Denver Broncos were so laughable, he basically threw like a girl, with our apologies to the many girls who can throw better, that he just might catch on as a pitcher for the Denver MLB franchise Colorado Rockies, who have been known to let anyone exhibiting respiration and possessing a pulse to pitch Major League games for them.

Tebow has not played baseball regularly since 2005, but he was an All-State outfielder as a high school junior, where he was a .494 batting average left-hitting outfielder who helped his Nease High School reach the semifinals of the Florida state playoffs.

This quest of Tebow’s makes Hayne’s efforts at jumping from NRL to NFL to Fiji sevens and back to NRL appear like an exercise in precision logic.

Tebow won college football’s highest award, the Heisman Trophy, in 2007 as the quarterback for the Florida Gators before leading the team to the national championship in the 2008 season.

His play at quarterback for the Broncos provided the final nail in the coffin of experimental Head Coach Josh McDaniels, who made the mistake of cajoling Denver General Manager and Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway into spending a first round draft pick on Tebow in 2009.