Top Players Express Warm Regards for Sheffield Shield Cricket

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On one day, Sheffield Shield cricket is declared of no interest and on its way out.

On another day, it seems the reports of Shield’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

Victorian player and Captain Aaron Finch is one on the side of a vibrant and virile Sheffield Shield, one where players with big money awaiting them in the Indian Premier League next month are more than willing to bypass bucks for the glory of the home state.

If Victoria can beat Tasmania in Hobart, it will secure a spot against Queensland in the Sheffield Shield final, something Finch claims is an experience that cannot be purchased.

“Guys who are playing Test cricket, they all sit around and watch the live stream. If Victoria is playing NSW, and you are on tour, there would be eight guys huddled around a computer watching it,” Finch said in remarks published by the Herald Sun, before boarding a plane for Hobart.

Airports often have televisions, nice ones at that, but those televisions are often located in establishments that purvey adult beverages, something of a recent taboo for cricketers these days.

Elaborating on his passion for Shield, Finch said, “People forget that even the guys at the top, they are all Shield cricketers, we are all club cricketers too. As a young player, the Shield was where you learned your craft.The guys at the top of the tree now, they never lost sight of the graft they had to do in Shield cricket to get where they are. Everyone appreciates how hard it is. Everyone loves it.”

The Bushrangers have an opportunity to do something they have never before done: win the Shield four times in a row.

They are on a bit of a surge after winning twice in their last two chances and they will have the same side in Hobart, with the exception of a concussed Will Pucovski.