Trevor Story Rewrites MLB Record Books

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Just a little over a week into the Major League Baseball 2016 season, one of the main stories is rookie shortstop Trevor Story, who rewrote the record books in making his debut with the Colorado Rockies.

The Rockies franchise had a shakeup last season when they traded perennial all-star shortstop, power-hitting Troy Tulowitzki to the Toronto Blue Jays, receiving, amongst other things, high-paid shortstop Jose Reyes.

Reyes wasted no time expressing his dissatisfaction at being traded from a playoff contender to a bottom dweller. Rockies fans were equally quick to voice disapproval over giving up fan-favourite Tulowitzki for a less productive, over-aged malcontent.

The sulky Reyes was embroiled in a domestic violence incident during the offseason that currently has him unavailable to play. That incident proved to be the opening Trevor Story was waiting for.

All Story did with the opportunity was to hit seven home runs in his first six games, and even though a few pundits might discount the feat due to some of the home runs coming at Denver’s Mile High City Coors Field, the first three blasts came on the road and all seven have been moon-shots that left no doubt of their destination far into the outfield bleachers.

Lest anyone worry that Story’s ego might grow out of control, he was held to no hits for the first time in his young career when he went up against the Giants’ Jeff Samardzija recently and was struck out three times along with a weak ground out.