Troublemaker Jordan de Goey Attracts Big Spending Suitors

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The question apparently directed toward Jordan de Goey is will he give up the rising Collingwood Magpies for the mediocre North Melbourne Kangaroos in exchange for a five year deal worth $5 million.

Fairfax Media reports that this is the lure being dangled in front of de Goey, who is playing out his current arrangement with Collingwood. If he does not like the prospect of that deal, the St. Kilda Saints are also eager to secure de Goey.

It seems the bad clubs always have the money, does it not? The good clubs have the players, but holding onto them under salary restrictions requires the sort of creative accounting that can stray into dangerous territory.

With so many clean cut and upstanding citizens looking for work, it also need be asked what risk de Goey presents to would-be employers.

He likes to drink and brawl and drive. He combined the first two vices to earn a six week spell in 2017 and the first and third vice for three weeks off during the Toyota 2018 AFL Premiership competition.

The Roos would not be a bad option, as they appear on the rise, fingers crossed, but the Saints are simply desperate to the extent that even sinners are welcome in Saint-land, so long as they can play holy footy.

Collingwood will have a chance to match the Roos for de Goey, but the Herald Sun informs us that they will offer the time, but cannot match the money.

The Roos were in an acquisition frame of mind last year, seeking to lure Dusty Martin from Richmond and Josh Kelly from Greater Western Sydney, moves which ultimately failed when both players opted to stay put.

North Melbourne has money itching a hole in its pocket and they have an insider’s perspective of the Magpies’ salary cap after bringing in former Collingwood football boss Graeme Allan as an adviser.

It seems as though it was only a few short years ago, because it was, that million dollar salaries were scarce, but we also recall when a loaf of bread could be had for 25 cents, but all that does is mark us as old.