Virgin Australia Supercars Finale Considers Local Concerns

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For the first time in many years, the Supercars season will not end in Sydney, but it Newcastle, with the inaugural running of the Newcastle 500.

It will be a tight circuit through the streets of the city, with the most recent, and supposedly final, version of the course measuring just 2.6 kilometres. Eleven turns will provide tight racing and the course has been described as a visually spectacular one that will have the beach in the background and will make its way through the streets of the CBD and past historic Fort Scratchley as well.

The organisers made some changes to the originally proposed course to accommodate local residents’ concerns, specifically the potential negative impacts on Pacific Park, which has now been omitted. Also, cut out were sections of custom tarmac that would have gone through Nobby’s Beach Reserve.

Newcastle drivers will now have the opportunity to test the course during their daily commutes, although no one is advocating they attempt to replicate the speeds and maneuvers the race drivers will exhibit.

There will be further consultations with groups from the Newcastle community, but it appears that the most recent course modifications will receive the sanction of all interested parties.