Wade and LeBron Say Watch Out Golden State Warriors

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Dwayne Wade and LeBron James are back under the same arena roof for the first time since their Miami Heat days, as Wade has inked a deal to join up with James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2017 – 2018 NBA season.

The two players report that their chemistry is as good as it ever was, meaning they get along well, not that they are using chemicals is some form to gain an unfair competitive advantage.

Wade’s contract with the Cavs is for one-year at $2.3 million, which seems like a bargain of epic proportions. Wade cleared waivers and signed the deal shortly afterward. The Chicago Bulls were on the hook for some of Wade’s salary for the upcoming season, but Wade took a buyout that saved the Bulls some money.

Speaking with The Associated Press, Wade trotted out some of his best sports clichés. “I’m all about the challenge. If I didn’t want the challenge, I would have stayed in Chicago. But I wanted the challenge of being back on that big stage and playing in those moments and seeing what I’ve got. So I’m not going to talk about what I’ve got. I want to go out there and show, when the lights are the brightest and the games are the biggest, that’s when I’m alive. And I need that.”

Wade neglected to mention what percentage of effort he was going to supply every night. Perhaps he was not asked, although it is fairly certain that if asked he had been, the answer would have been “110 percent.” It is assumed that Wade, as well as James, will take the season, “One game at a time.”

James, displaying his trademark scowl that looked remarkably like a smile, was definitely pleased to have Wade back on his side. “Come on, man, this is like one of my best friends,” James said after the first of Cleveland’s two practices on the day – the second one set to be Wade’s first with the Cavs.