Wandering Ziegler Would Like to Make Australia his Country

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In the truth is stranger than fiction department, John Kosmina tells us that Western Sydney Wanderers defender Patrick Ziegler is chasing Australian citizenship.

It is not so hard to see someone wanting Australian citizenship; after all, if you have to be a citizen somewhere, it is hard to think of a better place, even if the Wiener schnitzel in Germany has the edge over the Aussie version.

The strange part enters the picture when you account for the reason Ziegler would like to be an Aussie.

He wants to play for the Socceroos.

Not so strange when you factor in that getting capped by the Socceroos is probably a more realistic chance than getting selected by Germany.

Ziegler is back on the ground for the Wanderers after spending the start of the season on the side due to injury.

Gaining Australian citizenship is perhaps more of a challenge than helping the Socceroos. Ziegler might have an easier time getting a job with the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS and becoming a naturalised U.S. citizen, where all that is necessary is to swear fealty to DJ Trump and prove that you did not come across the southern border.

Young Ziegler’s dad was born in Adelaide, which helps or hinders Ziegler’s cause, depending on your perspective, but the one unforgivable transgression of which he is not guilty is that of playing for the Germans.

Ziegler is 28 and if he passes the stringent requirements of becoming an Australian and pledges to never drink Foster’s, it would seem as though a slot on the Socceroos would be an almost foregone conclusion.

Wanderers’ coach Markus Babbel made perfect sense when he spoke of Ziegler’s influence on the team, “If he’s on the pitch other players feel more comfortable. Because he has quality and was really hard for us that he was two and a half months out with injury and we missed him.”

If he could make the Socceroos more comfortable, that alone should suit the citizenship criteria.