War of Words Betwixt McGregor and Mayweather Continues

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Leonard Ellerbe, longtime friend and manager of business promotions for Floyd Mayweather, continues to throw cold water on the proposal of a boxing match betwixt Mayweather and UFC dual champion Conor McGregor, increasing speculation that a deal for the much-ballyhooed event is still under discussion.

At the heart of the matter is how much compensation McGregor would require to be beaten to a pulp by Mayweather. McGregor has applied for and received a license to box in California, as well as in several other states, but Ellerbe discounts those moves as nothing more than publicity seeking.

The attention does raise the profile of McGregor and by association, the UFC, but as McGregor’s employers, the UFC could ill afford to have their primary marquee shredded by Mayweather, which is the outcome all but the most delusional McGregor fans view as the only possible outcome.

At the initiation of the entire scenario, it was Mayweather who first started the rumour that he was exploring the possibility of a boxing match against McGregor. The rumour took on a life of its own when both Mayweather and McGregor hinted that a fight was a valid possibility, including McGregor’s words to the effect that he would get into a ring with Mayweather for a $100 million fee.