War of Words Ensues Following Green v Mundine Fight

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It is not exactly de riguer, as officials have been accused of various forms of incompetence ever since sports contests first required someone to make sure that rules were adhered to, but the referee for the Dany Green v Anthony Mundine rematch seemed to attract much criticism for allowing the fight to continue when it was fairly obvious that Danny Green was concussed after taking a shot from Mundine in the first round.

Ringside doctor Lou Lewis had unkind words for the ringside judges as well, accusing one of them of an inability to accurately fill out a scorecard, changing the result of the fight.

Mundine sent Green to the canvas with a solid left hook in the first round, at which point Lewis maintains that the referee should have called time on the fight out of concern for Green’s safety and future.

The other physician in attendance, Doctor John O’Neill, gave Green the all clear to fight on, and Green went on to win by majority decision.

Lewis did not mince words in assessing the performance of referee Frank Garza, saying, “It’s set us back so many years. I thought it was disgusting. The referee should never work again.”

After the fight, Green admitted that he was as close to being knocked out as possible and still remain on his feet, although he was not heard to ask if anyone got the number of that truck.