Wayne Bennett Wants to Coach in 2020 if Any NRL Club will have Him

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The Wayne Bennet saga lives on.

And on, and on, and on…

Brisbane will not keep him beyond 2019, which, given what Bennet has done for the Broncos, seems like a major case of failing to “dance with them that brung ya,” but Bennett, despite being so old that it requires archaeologists to determine his actual age, would like to coach on in 2020.

Between now and the end of the 2019 season, Bennett’s name will be linked to every NRL club and every rugby playing club in the world, so it is no surprise that West Tigers have gotten into the picture.

Bennett denied reports of a link betwixt he and the NRL team that finished the Telstra 2018 NRL Premiership competition one spot outside the finals, even if they did trail the number eight NZ Warriors by six premiership points and had an almost three-figure point differential from their 24 outings in 2018.

He seems to be taking the high road in avowing that he will see out his contract with Brisbane.

The job with Wests could open up if Ivan Cleary is truly headed to the Penrith Panthers, where he could be both father and coach to Nathan Cleary.

The report concerning the Tigers made it way to Bennett via a conversation he had with his sister, according to Bennett. He also said that if he were moved on by one of the other clubs, he would consider leaving Brisbane.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald, “I’ve said it numerous times and I’ll repeat it — I intend to continue coaching after 2019 if I can get a job somewhere. Nothing is off the list. We’ll see what happens.”

Waiting around to see what happens is a game for the younger set, but only those with sufficient maturity, Bennett included, have that sort of patience, which is the sort of irony life seems to offer up constantly.

As for the Wests’ role in it all, they have two years left on the deal with Ivan Cleary and the club is on record as saying over and over that they have no intention of releasing him.