Weather, Injuries Wreak Havoc With NTFL Finals Match

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Times, along with many other things, can be tough in Northern Territory and no better example proves the point than the recent goings on in the Australian Territory Football League that recently saw a semi-final halted after three quarters when the Wanderers could not field the minimum number of players to finish the game.

St. Mary’s made it through to the Grand Final of the NTFL, when losing by 96 points at the final change, the Warriors’ had only 12 players, two short of the 14 minimum, available to finish the game.

St. Mary’s also came close to experiencing a personnel deficit. At the half, they had only 20 eligible players.

Severe weather, including a high probability of a cyclone, had delayed the game by three days. That caused many of the Wanderers’ players to be unable to attend the match, other than for those who live locally. ATFL rules meant that the side was not able to elevate players from lower divisions.

Equally, perhaps even tougher, the Wanderers must now prepare to play in a preliminary final with just four days’ turnaround.

St. Mary’s secured the minor premiership, with the final score line being 18.18 (126) to 4.6 (30).