Williams’ Hackland Confident F1 Pit Crew Can Do One-Second Stops

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The next time you are browsing the aisles of Costco for bulk bargains out of the necessity of waiting for the tyre shop to install a new set or rubber or to rotate previously purchased tyres, pause for a moment to consider how fast you could be on your way if one of the Formula 1 pit crews were doing the job.

Team Williams holds the record for a four-tyre pit stop when they did the car of Felipe Massa in 1.92 seconds during last year’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Massa needs the Williams team to be even faster if he is to have any hopes of catching Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas and Williams’ CIO Graeme Hackland believes that a one-second pit stop is conceivable.

The Williams’ pit team is accustomed to being the fastest, with that distinction going to them on 14 occasions out of 21 races last season. They are leading the pack again this year, apparently none the worse for the larger and heavier wheels that debuted on this year’s F1 cars.

Williams had one of the slowest pit crews as recently as 2013, so they have made great strides in a short time.

If they truly want to impress, however, we would expect them to complete the pit stop without actually requiring their drivers to stop at all.