World Cup Trivia for Football Newcomers on Eve of WC 2018

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Russia is playing in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals as a perk of being the host nation, so from that, could we imply that the U.S., Mexico and Canada will all get a pass when the three co-host FIFA 2026?

Pardon a digression to lead off the piece, but the thing we wanted to report was that France, ahead of playing Australia in a Group C tilt, revealed that they are afraid of Tim Cahill.

Simon Hill, commentator for Fox Sports, spoke with retired French strike Louis Saha, who holds 20 international caps with France.

Saha counts Cahill as a friend, said of Cahill, “I think he can go for another World Cup – he is that good physically! He has special blood – when he gets a cut, it heals the next day. I don’t know what he is eating!”

Saha provided other insights, including his belief that Kylian Mbappe is the one to watch for France in the tournament.

Said Saha, “Kylian Mbappe for me, is also a very exciting player.”

In other Socceroos’ news, defender Josh Risdon, perhaps reenacting the old war story of soldiers getting married the day before shipping for the front, got married to Ebony, and then left to link up with the team.

Trent Sainsbury took the corporate route to the World Cup, marrying the daughter of incoming Socceroos Coach Graham Arnold. He dated the coach’s daughter on the sly for six months.

When Arnold found out, he told Sainsbury that he would have to elevate his game, which Sainsbury did, becoming the Socceroos best defender, but there were apparently no demands of a first boy grandchild being name Graham.

If Sainsbury permits Mbappe to get by him, Sainsbury might expect to see his playing time reduced and will need an intervention by Ellisa to get back on the pitch.

To dads, their little girls will always be irresistible.