BlueBet Betting Review

BlueBet New Australian Bookie On The Scene

Selecting a bookmaker for online wagering purposes can seem a daunting challenge. The good news in this regard is that all the corporate bookmakers are all pretty good, out of necessity. There are so many choices that, in the words of the Pirates’ Code, “Them that falls behind gets left behind.” Join BlueBet

More good news: The competitive nature of the bookmaker market means that memberships are so inexpensive that nothing other than a desire for utmost simplicity would rule out having as many bookmaker memberships as are manageable.


As modern technological life becomes increasingly more taxing on the psyche, however, many people opt for the simplest approach possible, as so much information demanding instant attention can quickly wear a person out.

For that reason, the purpose of this piece is to focus on one bookmaker, BlueBet.


BlueBet is an Australian owned bookmaker that went live in the waning days of 2015. Punters who prefer an Australian bookmaker will be heartened to know that the founder and boss of BlueBet is Michael Sullivan, who has quite a bit of experience, having served as Chief Executive with William Hill Australia. Sullivan’s resume extends further back with Sportingbet and Centrebet being former employers.

Different from many other Australian bookmakers, domestic or international, BlueBet is licensed by the government of New South Wales and they are based at Royal Randwick racecourse. South Australia regulates BlueBet under the South Australian Gambling Codes of Practice. Join BlueBet Here


Best Tote or SP is an offer racing punters will recognize. It offers to pay the better dividend of the three Totes or Starting Price. BlueBet claims that the offer is applicable to all Australian races, every day.

Markets, Odds, Margins

We did a brief survey of BlueBet in comparison to some of the other well-known bookmakers. This comparison is far from exhaustive and you can draw your own conclusions from the information here, but we urge you to do your own comparisons, as we consider shopping for the best odds a large part of the fun. We seldom hold much interest in the total number of markets, as some of the more exotic ones are well beyond our interest level.

This information was gathered during peak AFL, NRL and Super Rugby season.

For Round 13 of the Toyota 2018 AFL Premiership competition, several days ahead of the commencement of the round, we observed that BlueBet was offering 19 markets on upcoming AFL matches. Ladbrokes had 176 and Neds offered around 60.

For the NRL, again several days out, we saw BlueBet with 10 markets on the closest fixtures, fewer on those later in the round. Ladbrokes was comparable and Neds was around 40.

The number of markets will typically increase as the time before the start of an event gets shorter, so if you need a punt focused on which shoe a certain player will put on first, you probably will not find that on BlueBet.

As we anticipated, we found BlueBet’s odds to be nearly identical to those of other bookmakers. We have come to take this for granted and unless you are plunging substantial sums, does it matter that BlueBet will only offer $1.29 to back the Rabbitohs, while Ladbrokes is paying $1.30 and Neds is offering $1.28?

Also as anticipated, margins are in line with those of other bookmakers. Join BluBet Today

Wagering Platforms

Over the course of years of looking at various bookmakers, website design and mobile wagering platforms have come to the fore, so far as narrowing down the choices of which bookmaker to use for the majority of online wagering activity.

BlueBet uses the familiar three-column layout that is more or less the industry standard, as most bookmakers have discovered that being different simply for the sake of the difference is seldom worth the time and effort.

We found the BlueBet website to be totally adequate. One feature we really appreciated was that when we clicked on a link in the left column for the Telstra NRL Premiership competition, we went immediately to the odds displayed in the centre column. It requires an extra click to get to this point with Ladbrokes, which maybe says more about our lack of ambition than anything else does, but it is all about convenience.

The BlueBet colour scheme was predominantly white, grey and black. We found it soothing and it made us want to spend more time on the site.

We added a few markets to the bet slip and were pleased to find a Payout Calculator, something we have come to expect, but is not necessarily a universal feature.

BlueBet has mobile apps for Android and iOS and we found the website very function on a mobile device, learning that it automatically scales to adapt to the screen size in use.

Other Observations

It does not seem as though BlueBet offers live betting. Of course, Australian law makes it necessary to call the bookie when live betting is involved. BlueBet may have decided that until the law catches up with technology, live betting is a farce. They may also have been trying to save money that would be required to staff live betting, although they do offer live chat and phone support during regular business hours.

Funding and withdrawal methods, minimum wagers, maximum win, minimum funding requirements: all of those are in line with industry standards.


We have seen or heard nothing that would incline us to steering punters in a direction away from BlueBet. They are one of the newer agencies, but in the modern world, they have made it three years without imploding, so they apparently do what they do do well enough to keep the doors open and the lights on.

BlueBet could serve as a sole provider or as one of several or more agencies, depending on your level of interest.

They will evolve, just as all the others must do to survive and what we see today will change in short order, so use this information as a flexible guideline for your own purposes.

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