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Centrebet now have a new policy in place where they offer the Best Fixed Odds of all the bookies. Centrebet offer Online Betting with no gimmicks, no promotional offers, just the Best Fixed Odds all the time. Join Centrebet Here

Reason why they can do this is they have stopped Promotions and other giveaways and now concentrate purely on what the punter wants, better odds all the time.

Fixed Odds Betting is available on all Metropolitan Horse Racing and Sports. Join Centrebet Here

​Centrebet got its start in 1992 when it was granted a license in the Northern Territory. Those who remember those times will recall that the Internet had been around awhile, but what we have come to know as the World Wide Web was still in its relative infancy.

Those who started Centrebet obviously saw the potential for combining modern personal computers with wagering, because they had their first foray into online betting in 1996, when dial-up connections and phone line modems the only tools available to punters who wanted to sample the brave new world of online wagering. Centrebet was bought by William Hill in 2013 for 132 million dollars but both are operated as two separate unities.

That initial venture has continuously expanded over the years and the current environment is powerful, sophisticated and intuitive as competition for punter loyalty has escalated to a phenomenal degree. The latest revolution, at least for the time being, is in-play betting, something that would simply not be conceivable in the early days of online gaming, along with mobile applications that enable punters to carry a vast amount of wagering power in their pockets.

Today, Centrebet is listed on the ASX, a very reassuring fact to those who remember the times when a trustworthy bookmaker was something of an oxymoron, with our sincere apologies to any who conducted their affairs with honour and legitimacy.

Centrebet Full Review

Centrebet clients will find virtually every sport contested anywhere in the world, along with the ability to place wagers on things such as elections, RBA interest rate decisions and the Academy Awards.

Of course, as a site which focuses on racing and the thoroughbreds in particular, we would like to provide more detail regarding Centrebet’s approach to the racing market and bonus bets. The racing market alone could be the subject of many volumes and we do not want to imply that what we provide here is anything more than an introductory primer. With over 8000 betting markets available in a typical week, most races would be over before we could cover them all and as yet, Centrebet does not offer historical wagering.

Using Centrebet For Horse Racing Wagering

At one time, being confident that one was receiving the best possible odds on a race was something of a hit-or-miss proposition. Centrebet understands this dilemma, and so along with offering an exhaustive selection of online race betting markets, they take the further measure of offering the “Centrebest” feature. Winners receive the higher dividend of either Fixed Odds or Best Tote. This enables punters to focus their attention on picking the best runners and frees them from anxiety over how to make the most of their punting funds.

One thing punters will surely enjoy is Centrebet’s highly detailed form guide for both Australian and international racing events.

Funding Methods

Funding an account is simple and convenient. Centrebet accepts Visa and Mastercard, Skrill, PayPal and POLi for those who desire instantaneous wagering access. Bank Transfer and BPAY is an option for those who do not mind waiting a few days. Centrebet does not charge a fee for depositing funds. Join Centrebet Here

Bet Types

In addition to the Best Fixed Odds and CentreBest, which pays dividends in the manner described earlier and is offered on every Australian thoroughbred race, Centrebet has these variations:

CentreOdds - payouts on winning wagers are the better betwixt fixed-odds at the time of wager placement.

Best Fluc - Equivalent to Bookies Best Price, Best Fluctuation or Top Fluc. This type is not available with less than 30 minutes until the jump.

CentreTop - Equivalent or superior to the wind dividend declared by the Australian totes.

CentreMid - The payout for win and place wagers will meet or surpass the officially announced win dividend of two of the three major Tab boards.

Starting Price - Bets will be paid at the starting price of the on-course bookies as recorded by the BPS.
Fixed Odds - Winning wagers are paid at the odds at the time the wager is placed, regardless of future market fluctuations.

Jockey Challenge - Opportunity to wager on jockey aggregate points at a meeting.

Centrebet Best Fixed Odds Around

Other Incentives

Centrebet members who are avid racing aficionados will really appreciate the depth of wager types that are offered. Here are a few of the more popular.

Win Bet - Perhaps the simplest type of wager, the win bet is the attempt to pick the first runner of an event. Potential payouts can vary wildly depending on the odds attached to any particular runner. Selecting a favourite is a relatively low risk/low reward wager.

Place Bet - All that is necessary here is to pick a horse to finish either first, second or third, provided the field has at least eight runners.

Exacta - A more exotic type of wager, the exacta, in order to earn a dividend, requires that the first two finishers of an event are picked, along with the order in which they finish.

Quinellas - Centrebet offers the standard quinella, where two runners are picked to place first or second in any order. The Box quinella permits more than two selections for any race, but two of these must place first or second in order to generate a win.

Other Benefits Of Centrebet

  • No turnover requirements for deposited funds-Great for the occasional punter.
  • Almost zero dormant account fees - just one bet per year will eliminates these.
  • Credit facilities - Centrebet does offer credit on a case-by-case basis.
  • Mobile wagering - Harness the power of mobiles to maximise wagering efforts such as research, record keeping and wagering.
  • Amongst the top margins of all online bookmakers.

Centrebet has enjoyed vast success for reasons beyond the simple Australian love of a wager. Highly competitive odds and an almost inconceivable number of events and wager types, along with an online betting site that is well designed and intuitive for even the newest punter are major contributors.

Even those who have never had a punt in their lives will find tutorials that quickly alleviate the mystery and allow anyone to focus on the fun.

Centrebet’s reputation is above reproach and anyone who appreciates square dealing and transparency, along with great customer service, will consider their decision to use Centrebet will look back on the decision as a wise one.

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