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Centrebet Mobile App: One of the most intriguing sights of the past several years is that of turning on the television to watch a sporting event and seeing the number of fans in prime seats who, rather than watching the game to which they committed substantial portions of disposable income, seem to be more interested in using their phones to video record the game in order to watch it later. 

This seems to be a well-established trend, by no means limited to sporting events. Visit a popular tourist attraction, and you will see much the same activity taking place. Even restaurants are not immune, as many diners seem more interested in preserving a record of their dinner than they are in eating it.

What is behind this obsession with creating a video record of every activity, rather than simply participating in the activity, be it watching an important game, living in an once-in-a-lifetime moment, or simply enjoy some good food?

Obviously, we do not need to tell you that the ubiquitous smart phone is the driving force behind this phenomenon. The cultural shift this tiny and powerful device has created is not unlike the impact of earlier significant innovations that irrevocably changed the way people live and think. People switched from depending on the horse for the locomotive, and then the automobile, in the span of one generation.

The aeroplane shifted the ocean liner from vital transportation link to luxury vacation cruise ship in an equally short period. The primary difference betwixt these two examples and that represented by the smart phone is only that it took less than a decade for it to achieve almost universal adoption.

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When Apple unleashed the first iPhone in 2007, long queues of people formed who seemed to know intuitively that a groundbreaking paradigm shift was about to occur.

The story goes of the first bloke in the queue who gladly paid $500 for the privilege of being the first iPhone owner. He then turned around and sold his phone to the second bloke in line for $1,000. The second bloke turns around to the third bloke, and offers to sell the phone to him for $2,000. The third bloke pauses a moment, and then offers bloke number two $50. Bloke number two says, “Are you balmy? I just paid $1,000 for this phone.” Bloke number three looks at him and says, “Tell you the truth mate, I’m holding out for the iPhone 2.”

Here it is, less than 10 years after that first iPhone hit the market in 2007, and sources that specialise in tracking this sort of thing claimed that over one billion smart phones were sold in 2013. That number climbed by 200 million in 2014, which equates to approximately 10 smart phones for every person in Australia, and that figure does not take into account users who did not need to make a smart phone purchase in 2013 or 2014, because they already had one or more in their possession.

Now, you may not have purchased 10 smart phones last year, but you see the point.

Also, we do not mean to cast aspersions on anyone who derives so much gratification and productivity from their smart phone, quite the opposite. Any device that has the abilities smart phones represent deserves to be in as many hands as possible.

Of all the possibilities offered by smart phones, there are certain things that just seem to go together with them in a way that is elegant and practical at the same time, and one of those would have to be online wagering with mobile apps. We propose at this juncture to provide a bit of a review for one of those, that offered by bookmaker Centrebet.

Key Features

Strong focus on racing - A free form guide for all three racing codes is built into the app, making it simpler to base selections on recent performance, handicaps, track conditions and more. Silks are displayed as well. Exotics, including quaddies, just like the main wagering platform.

Over 9,000 Daily Sports Markets

This feature supports multi-bets of up to 12 legs and tracks results as different events are concluded.


Centrebets’s mobile apps are all carefully designed and tested to ensure reliable functionality. The layout visually appealing, with a minimum of clutter and distraction. Switching betwixt tabs and markets is fast, and does not require exceptional dexterity.

A tab devoted to Next Races makes it easy to find events, and it is easily conceivable to get a wager placed in well under a minute. White text on a black background is the opposite of what might be expected, but visibility is excellent.

Icons at the top and bottom of the different screens make it simple to find races and sports quickly, wagering account information of many kinds, and currently in-play markets.

Various setting options make it possible to customise the app to user preferences easily so that you do not have to spend a lot of time drilling down through unwanted screens. A Clear Betslip button makes it simple to erase unwanted bets singly or all at once.

Centrebet has created a simple, yet powerful mobile application for every type of device. They also update as needed to improve compatibility and function, so an already good app will only get better over time.

Get Centrebet’s Android app and bet smarter today!

If you want a more convenient and exciting way to bet, why not opt for a mobile app? With the Centrebet Android app, you can do it all from the palm of your hand, whether you want to bet on AFL, horse racing, or anything else. Get the app today!