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CrownBet First Deposit Bonus

Whilst many a punter may have backed a bigger horse, thinking that one of 17 or 17.2 hands was better than the one of 16 hands, that punter who bet against Black Caviar because some of her opponents where larger in stature would have afterward found his hand feeling an empty space where his money used to be.

Much the same can be said when the subject switches to online bookmakers.

There are more than a few that are larger than CrownBet, but all the same, CrownBet has shown that being competitive does not necessarily require enormous financial backing.

CrownBet has carved out a niche for itself by offering more than enough markets to satisfy anyone, offers odds that are more than respectable, and in short has all the features one could want from an online bookmaker, combined with a small shop feel where service is emphasized so that customers never suffer from the impression that they are just another cog in the machine or a brick in the wall. Join CrownBet – Deposit Funds and Claim Your $500 Bonus Bet

They work hard at CrownBet to win you away from the mega-corporate bookmakers by offering what is arguably the most lucrative sign-up bonus available. They have a multitude of ongoing and one-off promotions and they offer live betting, a mobile betting platform and a well thought-out website that is suitable for the new and veteran punter.

Let’s examine CrownBet more closely from the perspective of a thoroughbred racing punter and see if there are more than a few reasons why they deserve consideration as a possible conduit in the pursuit of racing punting profits.

First off, however, we should mention that CrownBet is one of only two bookmakers in Australia that permits lay betting. Of course, just as you will never get rich backing favorites, you will not see very impressive returns from laying a galloper jumping at 20-1 against.

Punters Win With New Minimum Bet Rule

CrownBet have stepped up and hopefully other bookies will follow. They are the first to introduce a minimum bet limit for all Australian Thoroughbred Racing.

This commenced June 1st 2016.

Details are that this bookmaker will take on all fixed odds bets to win up to $1000.00 guaranteed. This type of bet must be placed within 30 minutes of race start.

CrownBet Bet Types

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As would be expected, CrownBet offers all the bet types that are common to Australian racing, including exotics. Feature races often offer additional wagers, such as Fixed Price, Top Fluc and Futures.

They also offer Place Cards and Jockey Challenge, which are popular with racing punters, those of CrownBet being no exception.

  • Best Tote-This bet type offers dividends based on the top payout of the three main Australian totes. CrownBet goes so far as to disclose that in order to receive the best of the three totes, punters’ accounts must have a positive balance. Those who are running a deficit are entitled to the middle tote dividend. CrownBet also offers this bet type on Hong Kong races with the same restriction just described.
  • Best SP-Dividends are the better of the Totes or the Starting Price. Again, this is applicable only to accounts that are operating on a surplus.

CrownBet seems to enjoy running promotions. They have an extensive selection for all the markets. Here is a little bit of what they have for members.

CrownBet Visa Card

CrownBet Visa Card Has Arrived

CrownBet Visa Card is now part of your betting experience at CrownBet. Use the card anywhere and anytime where visa is accepted, and that is world wide. It is linked to your betting account and it should never leave your side.

Reason being you can instant withdraw your winnings when they become available which is almost instantly when the race, game or event has concluded. You can use the card in over 210 countries and Territories wherever Visa is permitted. You can transfer as many times as you wish as there is no account keeping fees, nor there should be. And the card is safe and secure as we know Visa is. Get your card today from CrownBet.

Depositing Funds Into Your CrownBet Account

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bpay
  • Paypal
  • Cheque
  • Bank Deposit
  • POLi Internet Banking

Withdrawing Funds From Your CrownBet Account

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Telegraphic Transfer

CrownBet Promotions

  • Money Back Specials – No worries should you pick a winner only to have something out of the ordinary come along and negate your win.
  • Lay Betting Options-Since CrownBet is the only other Australian bookmaker other than Betfair to offer lay betting, we wanted to mention it again here. One note of caution: lay betting is not so simple as it would seem on the surface. Not to sound too cynical, but many a punter has exhibited an uncanny knack for laying a galloper, only to have that nag run the race of its life.
  • Multi Bonus Specials-Complete details can be found on the CrownBet website, but in a nutshell, this promotion offers bonuses for pre-race bets on three or more selections.
  • First Deposit Bonus – This offer limited time only - Deposit $500 and start betting with $1000.00.
  • Refer a Mate-Up to $200 for any referrals you send to CrownBet who fund a wagering account with at least $200.00.

There are some turnover requirements for some of the matching bonuses and the others, as is to be expected, and they are nothing excessively onerous. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for further details in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

Other CrownBet Promotions and Features

  • Beaver TV-A free service for helping to decide which horse to select for upcoming meetings.
  • Mobile Betting - CrownBet has mobile betting platforms for iPhones and iPads, Android devices and a mobile version of the website to enable punters to give others the impression that they are doing something important and not just making love to their mobile. Seriously, if you have not yet dipped a toe into the mobile betting pool, it’s time to take the plunge.
  • In-Play Betting - CrownBet has this, of course, but as with all the other bookmakers who offer it will admit, until such time as regulations permit in-play wagering to be engaged in online, most horse races are too brief to offer much of an opportunity. Even if you did see a favourite stumble on the jump, by the time you could place the call and lay that favourite, the odds would plummet or the race would be over.

CrownBet has all the features, racing types and promotions to make it competitive in the crowded market of online bookmakers. They offer respectable odds and turnover requirements, have an excellent website and mobile betting applications and weekly free bookie bets.

Their smaller size means that they might not have quite as many markets, or any storefront on on-course presence, but they do seem to work very hard at servicing their clients.

Any who would like to deal with a bookmaker with Australian origins and Australian ownership will most certainly want to support CrownBet, but they are also a valid choice for new punters who need a little more assistance initially and their join-up bonuses are certainly attractive to old hands who want to take advantage of offers and promotions.

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