Eddie Hayson Big Australian Punter

Eddie Hayson - Punter

Eddie Hayson - Big Time Punter

It seems as though the Law of Supply and Demand has a strong influence regarding fame and fortune. There is room for a limited number of celebrities and athletes, therefore much attention and money is lavished upon them.

For Australian punters, there is a limited supply of high-rollers, so those are the ones that receive most of the attention, whether that attention is positive, negative, or a little of both.

This would seem to be the case with big-time gambler Fast Eddie Hayson. Along with placing spectacularly huge wagers, Hayson also exudes auras of mystery and controversy through his apparent ability to straddle the line betwixt legitimacy and legitimacy’s opposite counterpart.

Eddie Hayson - Big Australian Punter

He has been known to consort with the prostitution industry and allegations of race fixing and associations with reputed members of the underworld have actually polished his reputation rather than detract from it.

Controversy Seems To Follow Eddie

A little taste of controversy has served to attract attention to Eddie Hayson and it seems that he does not exactly shy away from it.

What most distinguishes Eddie Hayson, however, and rightly so, are his extraordinary punting feats that inspire awe and admiration amongst the general racing public.

One in particular that served to further these perceptions involves an otherwise insignificant Gold Coast greyhound race. As the account is generally related, Hayson used the resources and contacts of his operation to cause the short priced favourite in a small field to move from nearly even to 13/1.

The target of the operation was a South Australian bookie named Curly Seal. When Fast Eddie Hayson’s dog came in with his serious backing, Seal cried foul. It was to take over a year for the legal wrangling and investigation to play out, but it was concluded that Hayson had not violated any laws, and he collected most of $700,000 that he had won.

That episode was to secure for Eddie Hayson a spot on the all-time list of remarkable punts.

Neither is Hayson any stranger to rumor and controversy for other reasons. Some of these include instances where a run of good fortune was all too convenient and coincidental.

For example, it has been alledged that Hayson has had numerous run-ins with those tasked with maintaining a level playing field for horse racing when he has placed inordinately large wagers on horses under his ownership. Such was the zeal with which stewards have investigated his activities that they have even on occasion resorted to using phone records to support allegations that Hayson was a little too chummy with insiders at stables, including riders.

More Rumors

While he has never been conclusively connected with these somewhat dubious deeds, the rumors remained alive. One official in particular seems dogged in his determination to catch Eddie Hayson with his pants down. It is the huge sums that Hayson regularly wagers that have served to garner most of the attention he seemingly thrives upon.

It is estimated that his turnover is in excess of $100 million per year and that on some weekends, he may have beyond $2 million in play.

What would seemingly account for the lion’s share of the attention Eddie Hayson receives would lie in the fact that he has stood the test of time that is seldom seen with big gamblers.

Some of this could be attributed to his apparent understanding of the need for diversified speculation. He regularly places substantial wagers on Rugby League and even though his involvement there does not come close to what he devotes to racing, he has still succeeded in coming under the scrutiny of both odds makers and officials of that realm.

Time will ultimately reveal the results of the punting exploits of Fast Eddie Hayson.

Eddie Appears To Have A Fearless Attitude

If he continues to exhibit the endurance, fearless attitude and vast monetary resources that have been hallmarks of his past, his future will indeed remain fast, he will continue to exert considerable influence on the betting market and he will certainly continue to bask in the adulation of those who admire a winner and big-risk taker. Latest news on match fixing....