Gambling Tips Australia

Gambling Tips Australia

Online Gambling New To You, Or Is It Something You Would Like To Gain Advanced Proficiency

If you have ever had one of those post-punt moments when you padded the bookie’s bag, and then reacted with a combination of disbelief and shock over what seemed like a wagering decision that was made without the benefit of intelligence or involvement of any kind by your brain, you are not alone.

Australia can honestly lay claim to the title of Gambling Capital of the World with above 80 percent of adults participating in one or more forms of gambling. Bookmakers seem to be prosperous, so it would be no gamble to say that the majority of that 80 percent are contributors, rather than recipients of the money generated by gambling.

There will never be a way that you can win every wager. If there were, someone would have figured it out and destroyed the element of uncertainty that makes gambling possible. Yet it is possible to improve your gambling results by making wagers that have some basis in logic. You will also need the personal discipline to resist chasing markets in the attempt to recoup losses.

Even if you could, by judiciously refusing to bet on anything other than markets with reasonable expectations and could win more than half of your bets, it is still going to require conscious effort to ensure that a few big losing wagers do not eradicate the profits from the winners.

Scientists who study the way the human brain functions know that it is the nature of human beings to engage in behaviors that result in a series of small rewards as a way of avoiding punishment of any degree. Over time, this thinking, when applied to gambling, results in the eventual advantage going to the bookmaker. This is because the bookmaker participates in every market from both sides and charges a transaction fee.

The bottom line of the reality of gambling is that you must do everything in your power to lessen the natural advantage bookmakers enjoy, manage and use your intellect and your emotions correctly, and only gamble with funds that are not needed for obligatory expenditures, such as mortgage or rent, food, your children’s well-being, etcetera.

Good news exists in the form of advice from experienced professional gamblers, so it is not necessary for you to invent a strategy or system on your own. Gambling tips from experts do need to be taken through your own personal filter: what works for one punter may make another uncomfortable.

Here are some gambling tips from various experts for your perusal. Most can be applied to many markets across different sports, but we have decided to approach gambling tips more or less from the perspective of a top-to-bottom ranking of the most to the least popular markets.

AFL Gambling Tips

The AFL season, rounds and finals will supply thousands of markets.

One AFL Futures market worth considering would which team will win the flag. Even the favourite Hawks, as of just a little under two months until the season begins, will offer odds of about $4. Those odds offer a better payout than, for instance, taking Richmond at $1.21 head-to-head against Carlton.

One of the gambling tips that gambling experts would offer on the premiership market, and all the futures markets for that matter, is that since the money is tied up for a long period of time, do not commit to large a share of your funds to them. Futures markets often offer nice payouts because the element of time involved offers plenty of uncertainty. As the season progresses and a clearer picture emerges, odds will change. Near the conclusion of the home-and-away season, the odds for the Hawks to take the flag will drop if they play anywhere near their form of the past three years.

Other gambling markets on AFL Futures where someone with a reasonable level of expertise could make reasonable predictions would be picking a team or teams to finish in the top four, top eight, or to miss finishing in the top four or top eight. Odds on markets such as these will be short, which is a clear indication of the relatively low risk.

The same expertise that is valuable for Futures betting would also apply well to gambling on line or handicap markets. The gambling tip offered here would is to use that expertise to take advantage of the trend where bookmakers will offer a selection of handicap spreads in addition to the normal handicap. Thus, backing an underdog by fewer points increases the odds and the potential payout, or taking a wager with points beyond the line will decrease odds and payout. The exact opposite applies to backing the favourite.

Looking back at the 2015 season, plenty of examples can be found of underdogs beating favourites, lines being covered and not covered, so the best gambling tip of all perhaps, is to spread wagers over many markets, rather than just a few, provided finances support that approach. This is as close as you can get to enjoying the natural advantage the bookmakers enjoy from participating in all the markets they offer.

NRL Gambling Tips

Gambling on National Rugby League games closely resembles gambling on AFL games in terms of the markets described above.

Many of the gambling markets will be identical, so the gambling tips here shown as specific to rugby would in all probability to applicable to AFL gambling as well.

Total match points is a market where it is not even necessary to pick a winner of the match or to cover a line. All a punter need do is predict whether the total point score of both teams combined will be over or below a point number established by the bookmaker. This is a fairly conservative wager. Unless wet weather holds scores down, the point total quoted by the bookmakers will usually be around 48.

The odds get longer as this number is increased or decreased, so paying attention to matches between high scoring teams or low scoring ones might offer some bigger payouts. Of course, the bookies have this same information, which will be reflected in the point totals and odds offered.

Punters have many options if they look at halftime/fulltime doubles. A favoured team in a match might have a $1.70 head-to-head quote, but offer $2.60 for the scenario where they are ahead at the end of half and full time. A little additional risk offers additional reward. The difficulty of this gambling option ascends as the probability of a certain outcome becomes less likely.

Gambling on the market for leading points scorer in a match is considered an exotic wager type, but the gambling tip here is that it makes at least some sense when the player backed is both a goal kicker and try scorer.

Horse Racing Gambling Tips

We may be guilty of exposing a bias when we say that we saved the best for last with thoroughbred racing. What we enjoy is that horse racing takes place all year around and that bookmakers offer so many markets ranging from relatively certain to exotic beyond comprehension.

Combining all the different risk levels enables punters to spread their bets over many different markets, a gambling tip valuable for any wagering purposes known as staking. Proper staking strategies can also be applied to any sport.

Making a profit from gambling on horse racing requires several elements. You will derive benefits directly proportional to the effort you supply. Professional gambling experts spend a lot of time analyzing form. Doing so will lead to a greater number of successful wagers because the knowledge gained leads to logical wagers, which in turn adds to extra confidence, a factor that helps immensely.

Another element that professional gambling experts never fail to emphasize is to allocate a specific amount of funds and to resist the urge to deposit a low amount of money into an account, and then put it all into one punt. Almost invariably, this results in a loss, which then requires additional deposits.

Next, having a staking strategy before any wagers are placed is of paramount importance. Professionals often suggest betting no more than five percent of the available funds on any given race. On a $1,000 dollar bankroll, that means $50 for that race, but not just on one single horse. Look to ways to be in at least two and preferably four markets per race. Similar gambling tips involve looking at a race, attempting to determine the potential winnings that race offers, and then structure stakes around that objective.

The simplest of all gambling tips in this regard is this: If the amount staked causes anxiety, it was too much.

Some gambling tips advise different ways to back multiple runners in a race. Simply stated in terms of a total of $100 wagered on one race, a favourite or a horse that appeals at $3 would be staked for $70. If two less attractive horses with equal odds of $7 were in the race, they would each be staked with $15. If the favourite wins, the return would be $216, less the $30 on the other two horses and bookmaker fees. If one of the $7 horses wins, the payout of $98 would cover the $70 and $15 wagered on the non-winning horses. This method helps preserve the gambling bankroll, even though it does sacrifice some of the winnings if the entire $100 had been on the favourite. Of course, there is no certainty that one of the three backed horses will win, that is why it is called gambling. Ask anyone who carefully staked the 2015 Melbourne Cup and saw his or her stake vanish when a 100-1 runner won.

Many gambling tips contain the logical advice of following the market by watching which runners are receiving support. If a horse is being well backed in the minutes before the race, this can provide a clue that the horse is going to run well. This gambling tip is, like any other, not infallible. The market can be completely misdirected, as the above example of the 2015 Melbourne Cup proves conclusively.

The final element, one that bears repetition and is one of the best, yet hardest of the gambling tips to honour, is discipline. Without it, many punters fall into the trap of chasing losses. Someone will lose $50 on what seemed like a logical staking strategy, and then plunge $100 or $150 on the next race, frequently abandoning the sensible staking strategy and going after long odds. If there is any positive outcome for this approach, it would simply be that the pain of losing will be over quickly.

With horse racing, as well as any other gambling market, it is possible to do everything right and still lose.

Unrealistic Gambling Expectations

Many inexperienced punters read or view accounts of extraordinary gambling exploits and visualize themselves doing the same thing.

Then, reality throws cold water on the fantasy and they get some inkling of how difficult it is to move beyond recreational punting into the realm of the professionals.

The human brain craves routine, but gambling on uncertain outcomes is the opposite of routine. Many professionals advise those wishing to put in the time and effort to make as much as is possible routine in order to counteract the chaos.

An example of this would be the professional punter that goes to an office daily. At the beginning of the week, when there is not much racing taking place, they will engage in routines that get them geared up for the busier days. Some use psychologists for the mental parts of the process. Professional physical trainers help with conditioning professional punters for the physical rigours, based on the widely acknowledged fact that healthy, fit bodies have more energy to devote to the mental taxation of gambling.

The conclusion for anyone wanting to emulate professional gamblers and make gambling a lifestyle beyond fun, recreation and entertainment, is that it is hard work. It takes dedication and practice and no other gambling tips go beyond this simple fact.

The true purpose of gambling tips, regardless of which markets are being considered, is to eliminate the element of luck to its bare minimum. Luck, however, will always be needed, so we wish you a bountiful supply.