Jack Purtell Australian Jockey

Jack Purtell Jockey

Not Content To Earn His Laurels Solely In Australia, Jack Purtell also Proved His Abilities Abroad

In Australia, however, he did something few have surpassed or equaled by winning three Melbourne Cups to go along with the rest of his impressive racing resume.

Only Harry White and Bobby Lewis, with four victories each, the irony being that Purtell would be in that select group had he not given up his ride on Comic Court to Pat Glennon in 1950, when that pairing produced the win. Comic Court did oblige Purtell on nineteen other occasions.

Cup Win 1947

His first cup wins was in 1947, when he rod Hiraji. His second and third wins came in 1953 and 1954, first astride Wodalla and then Rising Fast.

Jack Purtell

So consistent was Jack Purtell over the course of his career that he earned the coveted jockeys’ premiership for seven seasons.

He won the Caulfield Cup to go along with his Melbourne Cup collection and also won major races in Europe through his association with Vincent O’Brien, those being the Irish and the English Oaks.

Major wins aside, he managed a total of around 1700 wins from when he commenced his riding career in 1936 until he retired nearly 30 years later. This type of performance is the obvious source of all the premierships he accumulated.

Jack Purtell Apprenticeship In 1936

By 1940, he had the Williamston Cup to his credit and the following year produced his Caulfield Cup win. His first premiership came along in the 1946-47 season and the last followed in 1946-47, sixteen years later.

During the 40s and 50s, Jack Purtell was exceptionally popular in his chosen field, so much so that when he was injured falling from Helfresh at a Caulfield racecourse race in 1953, the hospital where he was treated for a cerebral hemorrhage was swamped with calls from across the country to inquire as to his condition.

When he retired in 1965, he continued his association with horse racing, serving as a Stipendiary Steward for the VRC.

Wins in major events, amassing a huge total of victories and ongoing dedication to his chosen sport of horse racing were all factors that contributed to Jack Purtell being nominated and elected to the Australian Racing Hall of Fame in 2004.