Jeffery Lloyd Jockey Of The Month May 2017

Jockey Of The Month Jeffrey Lloyd

Jockey Of The Month: May 2017 Jeffrey Lloyd

We had an easy time of it selecting our Jockey of the Month for May.

All we needed to do was look to Queensland, where most of the major thoroughbred action is taking place anyway, to discover a runaway leader for the Queensland and Brisbane Jockey Premiership in the shape of veteran hoop Jeffrey Lloyd.

Going into the final two months of the 2016 – 2017 Australian thoroughbred racing season, Lloyd’s lead in the standings is so significant that it would seem as though he could walk through the season without fear of being caught.

Jockey Of The Month May 2017 Jeff Lloyd

He is far beyond his closest competitor in terms of prize money, which if you ask owners and trainers, is the only criterion that truly matters.

He has taken in almost $6 million thus far and it would seem that given his work ethic, he will easily surpass $6 million and could even ride enough to go beyond $7 million, even without much in the way of high stakes racing left on the racing calendar for 2017.

Lloyd has made more starts than any other has, and at last check, he had 70 more starts than his closest competitor, James Byrne did. Lloyd has made 465 starts at last check, which extrapolated to include multi-race bookings and tracks outside Eagle Farm; he is within hailing distance of 700 for the season.

Jeffery Lloyd has 118 wins at last check, which is close to legend form. For his career, he is over 4,400 wins, so he has been doing it for a long time. He is 56 years of age, yet he still rides with the enthusiasm of an apprentice, albeit an apprentice with decades of experience.

Jeff Lloyd has ridden nine winners in the last two weeks of May and he has more rides scheduled. He gets a lot of business from Toby Edmonds, but other trainers are in the queue for his services any time Edmonds leaves an opening for them.

The results in May make the case for Jeff Lloyd as or Jockey of the Month. Most obviously, at an age when most jockeys have either left the racing bonus bets game or are enlisted in less physically demanding areas, in this season he has set a Queensland record for number of wins in a season, a feat he accomplished when he rode Prontezza to a win in a fillies and mares race at Ipswich Wednesday just past.

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