Ladbrokes InfoHub

Ladbrokes InfoHub

More Betting Information With Ladbrokes InfoHub

Ladbrokes InfoHub - Ladbrokes has introduced an innovation to online punting that is practically a quantum leap in terms of enabling punters to make the best possible wagering decisions. Join Ladbrokes Today

No, they have not enabled a feature that predicts the future, but their new feature, which they have dubbed Ladbrokes InfoHub, is as close to pure genius as anything that has come down the pike in recent times. This, in an industry where technological advances are so frequent as to stray into the realm of the ordinary.

In a nutshell: On sports and racing markets where Ladbrokes InfoHub is available, punters using mobile devices have only to rotate their device to the landscape orientation to access the feature. Doing so will enable a buffet of information that is difficult to describe.

Ladbrokes InfoHub

The InfoHub feature functions similarly for both racing and sports, so this brief attempt at pointing out the most salient aspects will focus on racing. For sports, all one needs to do is substitute the word “sports” anywhere the word “racing” appears.

InfoHub is not available for every sport and every market, but all the major domestic and international codes are covered in depth, so most punters will find the resources entirely adequate, as well as highly educational and entertaining. We are quite certain that other bookmakers will debut similar functions, because InfoHub is truly a game-changer.

InfoHub Instructions

From the racing page (remember, using InfoHub for sports is identical), simply find any market for which the Ladbrokes InfoHub icon appears.

 Bonus bets

Rotate the mobile device from portrait to landscape mode.

Tap one of the icons, such as Overview, Form Guide, Featured Bets, Fluctuations, Bet Tracker, Live Video, or Speed Maps. The icons, naturally, will vary somewhat betwixt racing and sports markets; this is just the gist.

After viewing any information available, click (tap) on any odds to have the wager added directly to the bet slip.

Insert the desired Stake and submit bets in the usual fashion.

Ladbrokes InfoHub Icons Overview

This is the place to learn about track conditions, weather, time before the race commences, and importantly, information of the top four runners in the race.

Form Guide

More or less equivalent to the excellent form guide Ladbrokes’ main website provides, but even easier to navigate.

Featured Bets

Learn where the big punters are putting their money; a fast and simple way to make educated punts.




This section displays the price movement for all the runners in a selected race. This is an ideal way to see how the market is developing in the lead-up.

Bet Tracker

This section is basically a synopsis that combines the information in Featured Bets with the information in Fluctuations.

Live Video

This is pretty much self-explanatory, but the ability to watch live video of an event that might otherwise require a costly video subscription is worth its weight in gold.

Speed Maps

These show how the field settles in the first part of a race. This information is handy for determining each runner’s chances of winning.

InfoHub is so fun and easy to use that many punters will in most probability (punting pun) use it exclusively to find markets and place wagers.

Ladbrokes provides learning resources, including short video explanations of InfoHub, that concisely demonstrate the ease of use and the vast amount of wagering information that can enhance bet selection.

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