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Betting With Ladbrokes Mobile App Is Easy

The evolution of man, even when the species was still dealing with how to stay alive in a world where predatory species of animals had the upper hand, dealing with disease, injury and illness was mainly an exercise in superstition, and the food supply was limited and required a great deal of effort to obtain, contains quite a bit of evidence that early men were not above having a punt of one kind or another. Join Ladbrokes Here

By the time humans learned to write and record their doings, wagering was a common element of life. At one point, a group of humans discovered the practice of facilitating wagers betwixt parties, possibly taking a small piece of a recently killed game animal as a fee for bringing together people from two different hunting parties interested in a contest to see which party could bring down a Wooly Mammoth or Giant Kangaroo with the least loss of life to the hunting party members, and the occupation of bookmaker was created.

Ladbrokes Mobile app

At the height of the Roman civilisation, any and all comers could speculate on the outcome of the precursor of today’s trots, the chariot race, with the most famous bookmaker on the rails of the Roman Coliseum, William “Billus Maximus” Aqua-domus, one of the earliest members of the Waterhouse clan.

Of course, it was not until around 1515 that the term bookmaker started being used, almost 100 years after Gutenberg created movable type and democratized access to books for the masses of people who previously could not afford a monastery full of manuscript copying monks for books of any type, let alone sports or racing books.

Another early example of developing technology to facilitate wagering took place betwixt 1729 and 1792, during the lifetime of John Montagu, aka the 4th Earl of Sandwich, whose innovation of slices of meat betwixt slices of bread made it unnecessary to delay gambling in order to dine. Some historians assert that it was not to gamble, but to do more government work that spurred the Earl to create the sandwich, but that explanation does not suit our purposes, lacks any trace of human interest, and is frankly, boring, so we choose to favour the first and more interesting interpretation of history.

Plenty of developments have transpired in the 500 years since bookies began to be called bookmakers. The march of civilisation and technology picked up pace when the telephone made it possible to wager without being physically present at the tracks or the bookie shops. That same telephone evolved to the device nearly all of us carry around everywhere we go, the smartphone. With a mobile wagering application installed, these smartphones make it simple and fast to have a punt at races and sporting events all over the world. One bookmaker’s mobile app we would like to take a look at is that of the Ladbrokes agency. Join Ladbrokes

Wagering With The Ladbrokes Mobile app

The main website platform and the mobile version of Android and Apple devices is not identical, but they do bear a close enough resemblance to each other that most clients will immediately feel comfortable with the app. This is important. Let us face it, everyone appreciates being able to do tasks according to an established routine, especially when those tasks involve monetary risk. No one wants to expend mental energy trying to figure out enormous differences betwixt making a regular selection on the website and making it on the mobile platform. Ladbrokes has made routine tasks essentially similar, whilst still taking into account the smaller screen area of smartphones and tablets.

Quick Page Loading

On a small screen, it can sometimes be hard to ascertain if a certain command has been properly sent. The Ladbrokes app confirms action quickly, so this is really not an issue. This also comes in handy when the desire to view updated odds come into play.

This speed also pays dividends when an easy way to see which race or sporting markets are close to jumping. Ladbrokes has dedicated a page to this function that puts everything in one place in descending order according to time remaining, and provided the ability to quickly expand a market to view variations on the market and the latest odds.

It also takes only seconds or less to locate featured races. Ladbrokes provides a similar experience when it is sports markets that are desired.

Very Visible Screens

The Ladbrokes top menus are hidden to make more space available for market details. Icons representing menus at the top of the page take clients immediately to main elements of the app, including account information and pending bet slips.

Complete Banking Functions

Most punters enjoy the convenience of linking a funding and withdrawal account to Ladbrokes via secure servers, making it simple to add funds or collect winnings in a manner very similar to the main platform, with all the same options.

Comprehensive Historical Data

When you get that nagging feeling that you are about to authorise a punt you swore you would never take again, it is easy to check your history and identify bad bets.

Our Opinion

Speed and ease of use are absolutely fine. Ladbrokes clients will have no quibbles with the mobile version. We realise that at times, there are no bookmaker apps which we do not like, but this one from Ladbrokes is the equivalent or better of any we have seen.

There is little not to like, and Ladbrokes has a team devoted to tweaking the app to make it better and better. We liked the layout of the screens, primarily because we never felt as though we wished we could be seeing our selection on a bigger screen. Al the details were there in a clear format that did not require us to squint or hold the phone right up to our faces. We also liked how simple it was to access, for example, all the various markets Ladbrokes was making available for one footy contest, because of how simple it was to sort through the markets and look for an appealing proposition.

We not only enjoyed the capability of wagering “on the go,” but also “on the stay,” since on more than one occasion, the app gave us everything we needed without having to get up off the sofa and walking up an entire flight of stairs to check out the website on our desktop.

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