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Where big corporate bookmakers are concerned, Luxbet is the newest to make its appearance. Like many, it is licensed by the Northern Territory and has certain restrictions placed upon it by Victoria and one or two others. Join Luxbet

Luxbet BonusIt covers racing, sports and novelty wagering. It has some international offerings such as American football at the college and professional level, and also these two levels of basketball as well.

As the newest to enter the arena of Australian online and telephone bookmaking, it is very aggressive in many aspects of its operation, with many different incentives and promotions, some of the best odds and lowest margins to be found, and a fresh approach that satisfies both the traditional punter without being intimidating for someone just dipping a toe into the wagering market. Join Luxbet Today And Claim Your Deposit Match Offer Up To $700 Bet

Just introduced to Luxbet re there free bonus bet, is that now you can split the bonus up to 70 times if you wish.

The minimum bet is $10.00 - so if your free bonus is $700.00, you can have 70 bets at $10.00 each. Other examples are, you can have 7 bets of $100.00 each, 20 bets at $35.00 each and so on. This is great for the punter that only wishes to bet small or if you like betting bigger, you can still bet $700.00 in one bet, it is your call.

Fortunately, Luxbet is backed by Tabcorp Holdings Limited, a public company with a solid history in racing and sports. Initiating Luxbet permitted was an avenue for Tabcorp to offer products that had otherwise been off limits, such as wagering on election outcomes and entertainment betting.

What criticism has been leveled at Luxbet is mostly a case of disappointment that they do not offer as many markets as some of the other bookmakers, but this has declined as the company has grown and continues to expand its revenues since we last examined them. For 2013, the year just ended, they were above $40 million, which represented a hefty 40 percent jump over the year previous.

Since this is a racing website, we would like to offer a more detailed examination of Luxbet from the perspective of a racing punter, and whilst space limitations do not here permit a full-blown examination, here are a few of the more salient and important features.

For someone considering a wagering account with Luxbet, here are some of the major incentives:

- Outstanding free bets and betting promotions for thoroughbreds, Luxbet has weekly specials that are at times specific to courses such as Randwick and Flemington. Punters making wagers at Randwick have the opportunity to earn a bonus bet of up to $50 for a selection that comes in second to the SP favourite.

- Large Welcome Free Bonus Bet: Luxbet will match you first deposit with a bonus bet up to $700.00 So whatever you deposit they will match with a bonus bet up to $700.00

- No Deposit or Withdrawal Fees: No one likes to be dinged as a reward for patronizing a business. Luxbet understands this and allows punters to use their deposits for wagering instead of paying ticky-tack fees. This same applies to withdrawals.

- High Quality Racing Services: Luxbet’s website and mobile wagering applications are generally highly praised for many reasons, including ease-of-use and clarity. Luxbet also has one of the best Blackbook services available, according to those who give a lot of weight to that consideration. It is possible to track horses and lineage, trainers, jockeys and tracks, as well as combinations of those factors.

Luxbet Bet Options

Best of the Best: This is Luxbet’s version of the popular offering that permits punters to receive the top available dividend betwixt Top Fluc and the totes. This offering is specific to Saturday meetings at the metro tracks in the major cities.

Lux Div: Similar to above, except it is possible to place wagers right up to the start of the race. It is limited the metro tracks, but it is available every day of the week.

Best Tote: Punters are guaranteed a payout that matches the best of the Australian TAB.

Middle Tote: Payout is equal to the mid-dividend of the three TABs.

Tote + X percent: A Luxbet designated race offers a bonus of a specified percentage over and above the tote. On a recent occasion, this was set at 10 percent.

Of course, with all promotions and bet types that fall into this realm as being over and above what one would normally encounter, there will be certain restrictions and requirements, but Luxbet deserves credit for keeping these to a minimum and does not make them so complex that one wonders if they are worth the bother.

Conventional Betting

Luxbet is essentially on the same level as all the other bookmakers where the more traditional betting methods are concerned. There are win, place, each way, best fluctuation, futures and fixed price. All the exotics are there and all these are clearly visible on Luxbet’s online betting slip and free bets.

Something that seems to be somewhat unique from Luxbet is their ClubXtra offering for owners and trainers. This offering consists of a 12 percent bonus for bets placed on a horse by its owner and/or trainer.

Funding A Luxbet Account

Luxbet offers a variety of funding options that are convenient and in many cases provide instant access to betting and other client privileges.

- Visa and MasterCard


- Bank Transfer

- Moneybookers

- POLi

Available currencies supported are Australian and U.S. dollars, British pound, and euro.

Withdrawals are still limited to bank transfer, which is one of the most secure methods, but obviously, Luxbet has some ground to make up with regard to its competitors in this category.

They do offer credit facilities with $250 being the lowest possible line.

Other Features

-Live betting: Until such time as the government grants widespread permission for bookmakers to offer live online in-play betting, punters are limited to using the phone for this activity.

-Mobile Wagering: Luxbet has adapted to this grand switch from desktop and laptop computers to embrace mobile tablets and smart phones. There are apps for iPhone and iPad and Android operating systems. There is also a browser based app that requires no download for anyone who has devoted their available memory to other applications.

Luxbet offers punters the security of having the financial backing of one of the largest entertainment corporations in the form of Tabcorp. Reviewers think highly of many aspects of the operation and it would seem as though this relative upstart has survived its first five years to become a force with which to be reckoned amongst the major bookmakers that are constantly vying for the loyalty of Australian punters.

Their thoroughbred racing offerings are essentially equivalent to the other major players and their newcomer status has made them very aggressive from a margin standpoint, something that no one would argue against.

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