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In 1964, an American troubadour named Bob Dylan wrote: –

"And don’t speak too soon, for the wheel’s still in spin, and there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’. For the loser now will be later to win, for the times they are a-changin".

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It is true that things were changing in 1964, but at nothing like the pace at which they are today. Whilst it is highly unlikely that Dylan was foreshadowing online wagering, his words do seem eerily prescient, so if your last few online wagers were disappointing, take heart – Luxbet Mobile App is here to stay.

It has been only eight years since Apple turned the computing world upside down with the release of the first smartphone. The changin’ caused by that piece of technology is profound. People were only beginning to get accustomed to phones that could take pictures, along with making phone calls. Suddenly, here was a device that could easily substitute for many other devices. The landline, the television, even the cell phone, not to mention wristwatches, alarm clocks, brick-and-mortar banks, retail stores and others, all saw their comfort zones irretrievably disrupted by a pocket-sized device that threatened all of them and many others with irrelevance and virtual obsolescence.

Luxbet Mobile App tabletOther manufacturers were quick to realise the ramifications of that first iPhone, which came hard on the heels of the iPod, which itself had irrevocably changed the way we store and listen to music, even as that device was quickly abandoned by something of the same size and approximately the same price that offered increased functionality by orders of magnitude.

Children barely talking and older individuals who shrank from the prospect of operating a computer using smartphones with a practically instantaneous comfort level were more than enough proof that times had indeed changed.

Luxbet Mobile Application

It will be debated for some time whether the change was a positive one. Sociologists used to use the term “cultural lag” to describe the unintended issues associated with the debut of some new development, technological or societal, that upsets the status quo.

For example, the inventors responsible for the automobile had honorable intentions of improving the transportation system that relied on the horse. Cars were such a leap forward in so many ways, that few people paused to consider the negative consequences of putting so much mechanical power into the hands of the individual. Few lives were lost when horses ruled the day; many were and continue to be as people’s ability to adapt to the automobile lag behind the true nature of the technology.

When Apple released the smartphone, it was unlikely that they, or the competitors who rushed in to join the cultural shift, were able to anticipate the consequences of people becoming so acclimated to being constantly in contact with the Internet that some people would combine the distraction of the smartphone with driving with some disastrous outcomes.

This is not to say that distracted driving was unheard of prior to the first iPhone and is not meant as an indictment of the technology. In fact, this same technology has been used very effectively to educate people about the need to avoid distractions, more so, say, than radio broadcasters used radio air time to warn people not to fiddle excessively with the radio whilst driving, an equally dangerous distraction.

In most instances, the cultural lag factor present with smartphones has been relatively benign, if you are willing to overlook those users who seem to prefer the company of their phone to that of people, and it appears that people are catching on to the issues and opportunities at a much quicker rate.

One of those opportunities, one that seems an almost perfect way to utilise the capabilities of the smartphone, is online mobile wagering with one of the mobile wagering apps that the online bookmakers have created for this exact purpose. The applications vary betwixt one bookmaker and the next, so here is a look at the offering of the Luxbet Mobile App.

Key Features

Luxbet Mobile App has excellent speed and performance

It takes very little time betwixt when a command of some sort is given and that command is carried out. Luxbet’s swipe to scroll feature makes it quick and efficient to move from one screen to the next. Combined, these two features help make it possible to complete time-sensitive betting tasks with ease.

Focus On Racing

The app has sections for thoroughbreds, trots and greyhounds that can be accessed from the top menu. All a punter needs to do is choose one of the codes from inside the racing menu to be taken to sections devoted to different aspects of racing, including feature races, special racing betting promotions and international markets.

The racing section also gives track conditions and contains icons representing jockey silks. Tapping on a horse name opens detailed form information and comments from recent races. The app even enables members to stream and view live races on their phones.

The Luxbet Mobile App Has A Large Selection Of Sports Markets

There are over 1,000 sports markets on any given day, along with several hundred for every football, rugby and other popular sports, including U.S. leagues. A separate menu will open up a section for live bets to place wagers or display odds.

Our Impressions Of The Luxbet Mobile App

Some other bookie mobile apps offer more services, but Luxbet Mobile App definitely offers a very serviceable product. Good points are –

  • The Swipe to Scroll function makes it quick to refresh odds
  • Listening and viewing live races is a real plus
  • Logging in with a Pin Code, rather than a username and password is very handy
  • Ability to place 20-leg multis on sports and 5-leg multis on racing.

Luxbet got its start in 2008, so there was not anything in the way of their developers as they built the website and created the mobile applications.

It is one of the most competent and competitive of all the online bookmakers from any important perspective. The ability to do anything on the mobile platform that can be done on the website platform makes switching from one to the other as needs demand quite simple.

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