Million Dollar Tipping Competition By Sportsbet

AFL and NRL Million Dollar Tipping Competition

Another of the online bookmakers with substantial offerings for the legions of fantasy AFL and NRL fans across the country, Sportsbet has two major competitions for the coming season.

Here is a brief break-down of what Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping members can look forward to as the AFL and NRL seasons unfold. Million Dollar Tipping Join Here

For both Million Dollar Tipping leagues, Sportsbet is offering a total prize pool of cash with a total value of over $1 million.

Rugby League is worth over $515,000 in cash and AFL has over $485,000 in cash prizes with $10,000 in  prize money per comp each week to the top tipsters of each round.

Big Prize Money Up For Grabs

The first place finisher in each contest will take home $100,000 in cold cash.

One of the key benefits of Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping competitions is that unlike some winner-take-all games, there will be many winners, all the way from the top $100,000 prize for first place, down to the 250th place winner, who will receive a $50 cash. There will also be a wide assortment of other prizes, both in the form of cash and free bets.

The exact distribution of cash and free bet prizes does vary slightly dependent upon whether it’s the AFL or the NRL, so please be sure to check for complete details on the Sportsbet website, and while you are there, sign up for a free account if you don’t already have one, and then enroll for the fantasy AFL and NRL competitions. You’ll have fun and might even earn a spot in the Sportsbet Hall of Fame. Footy Tipping Competition AFL and NRL

Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Competition - Join Here

Weekly Ladder Online

Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping also makes it easy to see where you stand amongst everyone in the contests.

You can check out the weekly ladders to see if you are the weekly $10,000 winner and see where you stand for the season.

You can even set up private ladders for your friends and family to see who gets bragging rights at the next get-together and who is going to do the washing up!

Scoring methodology for the NRL and AFL Million Dollar Tipping contests is simple and straightforward.

Each correct tip earns you one point. Additionally, one match will be nominated in each round where you will have to utilize every footy skill at your disposal in order to predict the winning margin.

Australia’s Richest Tipping Comp

Sportsbet is claiming that their Million Dollar Tipping Competition is Australia’s richest free AFL and NRL tipping competition.

And anyone in any way familiar with the Paddy Power organisation is well-aware that they don’t do anything on a small scale.

For complete details about the Sportsbet free Million Dollar tipping competitions, visit their website to see all of the terms and conditions, and if you are not already a member, join up and get ready to enjoy your footy like never before. Join Sportsbet Million Dollar Tipping Here