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Palmerbet Mobile Website Functions Exactly As An App

Palmerbet Mobile App: All of us, well, let’s say most of us, so as not to exclude those few who have not adopted smartphone technology, have had the experience of downloading and installing a mobile app. Join Palmerbet Here

You only then discover that subsequent to granting that app and its developers access to practically everything on you device, the app did very little, certainly nothing approaching the claims of its developers, other than taking up perfectly good space in the phone’s memory and contributing to the depletion of the battery.

The rush to get mobile apps on the market has definitely resulted in mobile apps that are worse than useless. Hidden amongst useless apps are some that are downright malignant.

Palmerbet Mobile App tabletTo their eternal credit, the online bookmakers have for the most part, avoided releasing mobile wagering apps that are dysfunctional to the point of encouraging potential users to rush to their phone’s settings and application manager section to delete under performing applications. Part of this is a desire to maintain a good reputation, more often, though, the pursuit of a profit in a competitive environment such as that present in online wagering has compelled the bookmakers to create mobile wagering platforms that are fast, do not hog battery and memory resources, and closely replicate the experience a punter would enjoy on the bookmaker’s traditional website wagering platform.

One online bookmaker that has completely embraced this concept of delaying the release of a mobile application until it is fully mature, has been thoroughly tested for functionality, and servers, rather than frustrates customers, is Palmerbet.

They have taken the approach of modifying their website wagering platform to be mobile-friendly to all devices. Punters are not required to download and install an app, they simply access Palmerbet’s mobile website via whichever browser, and punt away. Palmerbet is working on dedicated mobile applications, but has remained close-lipped on when those apps will be released. Here is a brief examination of their mobile offering.

Key Features

Mobile Website Functions Exactly As An App

Many websites, not actually needing a platform-specific mobile app, spent considerable effort to create a version of their websites that was compatible with the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Palmerbet has taken all the knowledge gained from that exercise and used it to great effect with their mobile-friendly website. The chief advantage to this from a website producer’s point of view is that the similarities betwixt different browsers is such that Apple and Android devices can access the wagering platform. In the case of Palmerbet, the mobile-friendly website is so very adequate that users will soon overlook the technical distinctions betwixt and app and a mobile site. After all, users want something that accomplishes the desired task, and the Palmerbet mobile website is fast, easy to navigate, and makes very efficient use of smartphone and table screen real estate.

Access To All Of Palmerbet Racing Products

With offerings such as Best of the Best, Best Tote and SP, racing punters have the assurance that their dividends will always be superior to those offered by the Tab boards. Palmerbet also makes it easy to construct exotic wagers, multibets and flexibets, so is essence, using the mobile website varies little from the primary website platform for racing punters.

Plenty Of Sports Markets

Again, the same features that create the similarities betwixt the mobile offering and the traditional website mean that sports punters will be able to handle all wagering tasks in the mobile environment. It is possible to build 12-leg multibets with ease.

Live Betting And Banking Functions

The home page, immediately upon opening, shows any current live markets. It shows the next five races coming up, along with icons to immediately choose betwixt gallopers, trots and greyhounds. Text icons require only two clicks in order to open a page for the current AFL round, and then one more click to pick the match, and a handy Show All icon beside the line to access every market available for that match.

All banking functions, that is, depositing and withdrawing funds, checking balance and seeing recent results and previous history are made available upon logging in. Palmerbet also permits punters to set loss limits similar to the way a financial speculator does when trading stocks and other financial instruments.


The Palmerbet mobile wagering platform takes a back seat to none of the other bookmakers’ mobile versions or dedicated apps. Switching betwixt screens is essentially instantaneous, whether the site is being accessed via Wi-Fi or mobile carrier network.

The colour scheme uses the flagship purple, white and black that makes the site immediately recognisable as Palmerbet’s. Nothing on the screen feels crowded or claustrophobic. The main menu is at the top left, just as with many sites and apps, and gives immediate access with links to other important functions, such as promos, live and multi bets and their popular Bet Book.

Many punters will appreciate not needing to devote phone or table memory space to Palmerbet. Simply bookmarking one of the pages is all that is required to return to preferred pages. There is absolutely no conceivable reason why this mobile website should not be given equal consideration to any device-dictated mobile app. Palmerbet has taken great pains to develop a portal that is effective for everyone. When they do release dedicated apps, it is certain that the same rigorous testing and attention to detail that makes their computer wagering platform such a pleasure to use will be incorporated into their mobile applications.

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