Pinnacle Mobile Betting App

Pinnacle Mobile Betting App

Mobile Wagering App By Pinnacle

With discounted margins and odds that typically beat those on offer from the major domestic Australian online bookmakers, Pinnacle does not offer many of the bells and whistles as do those domestic agencies. Join Pinnacle Here

There are no sign-up bonuses, no promotions and the Pinnacle website is unspectacular. Pinnacle offers no racing markets, which from the strictly local perspective of the Australian punter, is a glaring omission until one acknowledges that for large segments of the world’s population, horse racing is well down the list in terms of popularity.

Pinnacle often offers a limited number of markets. One recent visit to their website in the quest of Australian Rules punts found only five markets where the domestic agencies had over 200.

If these basic facts seem like criticisms, they are not truly intended that way. Pinnacle occupies a valid niche for punters who make enough wagers to meet the turnover requirements and we ourselves enjoy the option of a bookmaker with lower costs of participation. Online punting is a you-get-what-you-pay-for proposition and anything we say with regard to Pinnacle is simply to provide information about what it is that you are actually buying.

Much the same spirit of economy applies to Pinnacle’s mobile wagering platform, and here is a look at a few of the details.

Mobile Wagering with Pinnacle

Pinnacle does not have separate mobile device-dependent applications for Apple and Android enabled devices-smartphones and tablets.

Rather, they have a mobile version of their website that is compatible with all internet-enabled devices. The important consideration here is that since Pinnacle does to have to comply with the Interactive Gaming Act that compels the domestic bookmakers to require a phone call for in-play betting. Even those amongst us who have steadfastly resisted progress, yet still find ourselves asking how we managed to survive and get our hands on cash before the ATM machine, or communicated before email, are slowly coming around to the reality that smart phones and computer tablets are essentially non-life threatening.

Given the freedom to do in-play betting online, we gladly accept that Pinnacle does not have separate apps for mobile wagering.

Pinnacle Sports Mobile Bookmaker App Review

In fact, we found Pinnacle’s mobile version much simpler to use than their computer platform, to the extent that we would seriously consider using the mobile platform exclusively.

Navigation is simple and straightforward. Beneath the company logo, two nicely sized boxes provide options for enrolling and logging in. Just to the right of the logo is a three-dot icon that requires a tap to open, and then offers, in addition to the same options as the boxes below the logo, places to configure language settings and odds format. The most important option found here, in our view, was a Results page with selections according to date for the past week. Choosing one of the dates opens a screen where the specific sport for which results are desired can be selected.

At the left edge of the screen are icons for all the different sports on offer at Pinnacle. This column can be expanded to include text for the sport should anyone feel it necessary to do so.

Below the company logo and the “join now” and “login” boxes are three icons, well spaced, for “sports” “live” and “casino.”

On the Home Page, “Featured Games” heads a nicely designed row with six icons that permits users to quickly select major sports, those being soccer (a Pinnacle specialty), American football, basketball, baseball, tennis and E-sports. A tap on any of the teams displayed here will add that team to the bet slip. Punters will know that they have a slip going by a green circle at the bottom right of the screen that shows the number of markets that have been selected.

Scrolling to the very bottom of the mobile site shows the basic disclaimers, along with selections for languages and three options for how Pinnacle is displayed, including one for the full website, which we imagine would require some pretty good eyes.

Returning to the top of the page and selecting the centre stopwatch icon for live sports opens a page showing which sports have live betting markets along with the number of markets at the right margin.

Interestingly, landing on this page added hockey to the row of icons displaying major sports, even though when we selected that icon, we were informed that there currently were no hockey markets.

Given how easily Pinnacle makes mobile wagering, we would like to see them offer video of the sports involved, something that is quite common with the domestic bookmakers. Pragmatism suggests that if Pinnacle were to do this, margins would have to increase and the odds advantage they typically enjoy might be impaired.


We much preferred the mobile version of the Pinnacle online wagering agency. Even though we are relatively new to smartphones, after all, something that has been around only nine years definitively falls into the category of “newfangled,” we found ourselves gaining an adequate level of comfort in just minutes. We also appreciate that since we are using a mobile website and not a dedicated application, we did not have to devote any of our phone’s storage capacity and inhibit our ability to flood the world with our selfies. More importantly, we did not need to grant permissions of the types that want to mine our data, have access to our phone’s cameras and microphones, or grant anyone the ability to view our files, emails and contacts lists.

Pinnacle Sports Bookmaker Review

If we were to describe the Pinnacle mobile wagering platform in a simple phrase, we would say, “Refreshingly simple.”

Given that mobile devices have eroded the necessity of having a desk or laptop computer, we have to say that after spending quite a bit of time reviewing Pinnacle’s primary computer wagering platform, that we would be strongly tempted to have a membership with them, using our desktops for the heavy lifting of sorting through all the markets and comparing odds amongst various agencies and for the ability to look at other bookmakers for some of the perks, such as form guides and exotic markets, and using our mobiles to place our wagers and monitor our results on the go.

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